How to build a successful business website(In two simple steps)

How to build a successful business website(In two simple steps)

Do you want your website to bring more clients to your business than you can possibly handle?

If so, then this will be the best article you’ve read all week because…

There are only TWO things your website needs to become a client-generating machine.

This power duo consists of the first step:

Snatching buckets of qualified traffic from the internet and sending them to your website.

And step two:

Taking that traffic and converting it into paying customers and real value for your business.

That’s it! There doesn’t need to be a confusing 20 tip guide to creating a successful business website. All you need to follow is this powerful and proven one-’two knockout punch to generate a crazy amount of leads for your business.

But first, for the skeptical…

Are websites truly worth it?

It’s a good question to ask.

Except for  e-commerce websites, few companies place the same value on their website as they apply to their physical assets.

This is a costly mistake.

Websites are incredibly important and businesses that don’t evolve digitally will be left in the dust…

I can go on and on about how useful websites are, but let’s just look at the numbers instead of taking my word for it.

85% of Americans use the internet regularly. It should go without saying, but any business worth their salt goes where their customers are.

And these days, the far majority of them are online.


  • And 92% prefer to get information from a business’ website instead of their social media page.  That’s a little more than 9/10 of your customers out there preferring that you have a website online.

And from business owners who already have a website, 97% recommend that other business owners create their own.

With numbers like these, you’d be swimming against the waves to thrive in today’s digital age without a website. Websites provide clear benefits that far outway the cost of setting them up.

However, just because a website provides value to a business, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to benefit from it.

You see…

The far majority of websites drown to the bottom of the internet

A sad and frustrated website owner getting zero results
(A sad and frustrated website owner getting zero results)

In 2022, there are almost 2 billion websites on the internet.

Now, that’s a huge number. About 1 website for every 4 people on the planet.

But when you look closer into this data, you’ll see that an overwhelming majority of these websites have died off.

In fact, only about 200 million websites are still active, and I can assure you, most aren’t thriving. With the way search engines work about 90% of these websites get 0 visitors from google.

But fear not…

You can easily escape this fate by not committing the same mistake billions of website owners have made.

The Deadly Sin Most Website Owners Make

I’ve seen this time and time again. Many website owners build a website and just leave it alone to rot on the internet.

A fresh website won’t be able to do much. It is more like a living, breathing organism that takes time to grow and become powerful.

In the internet world, some websites are giants looming over the smaller ones and taking home all of the traffic and customers.

These websites often have had teams of marketers and SEO experts optimizing their site for years.

Hopefully, you didn’t think your website would make you a millionaire on day one…

But after putting in the work, these websites now sit on top of Google search and are passively outcompeting new website owners.

With how difficult it is to win on the internet these days, what is a small business owner to do? 

How to create a Successful Business Website

To build a successful business website, you only need two things: Traffic and Conversions. If you have these two down pat then you will find your website bringing you customers without you having to lift a finger.

So… how do you generate traffic to your website, especially if you own a relatively new website?

The first thing you need to realize is that there is traffic EVERYWHERE on the internet, but not all traffic is the same.

Some traffic will consist of people who would never buy from your business in a million years…

While other streams of traffic are made up of itchy-to-buy customers just waiting to hand you their money. Your job as a business owner is to position your website right in front of them.

Hands down, one of the best ways to find these itchy-to-buy customers is by optimizing your website to rank high on Google using SEO.

66% of all consumers do online research before they buy something, including physical items at a store.

Eager prospect happy to have found your website off a Google search
(Eager prospect happy to have found your website off a Google search)

It’s right there, in this critical moment where your customer is still unsure about buying, that an SEO campaign can hook them into your website for a fast profit.

The people Googling a topic that you sell have already qualified themselves by showing interest in the service or product. With this in mind, you’re already one big step ahead in converting them to  paying customers.

This is why using SEO as a targeted traffic generation is so effective. You effortlessly attract eager prospects like a giant magnet.

However, as I’ve stated in previous articles, SEO is not for every business. If you would like to learn the pros and cons of SEO, see this article and decide if SEO is right for you.

But also, keep in mind that this is only the first step in creating a successful business website as you still have to convert your traffic.

How do you convert qualified traffic into sales?

So… you’ve done your SEO and now your website is bringing in piping hot traffic filled with qualified prospects.

How do you turn them from visitor to customer?

Well, first, you need to ask yourself why they aren’t a customer already? In other words, what would it take to cross the gap from visitor to customer.

What is missing to fill the gap here
(What is missing to fill the gap here)

This is where you need to put your empathetic hat on and put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. Then ask yourself:

What are my prospect’s biggest concerns and barriers to purchasing? If you can overcome your prospects’ barriers to buying, then you most likely have a sale.

Oftentimes, these barriers can be:

  • A trust issue. Your prospect doesn’t trust that you will deliver what you are promising.
  • A value issue(notice I didn’t say a price issue). Your prospect does not believe the price you are offering matches the value you are giving in return. A sale only happens if value surpasses the price.
  • An effort issue. This one can consist of a lot of things, but this gap basically occurs when you make buying from you harder than it has to be. This can be caused by bad copy that bores your prospect to death or ineffective calls to action and even a slow or ugly-looking website.

And much, much more. If you would like an in-depth look at how to create a high conversion website, take a look at this free guide(you will double your sales).

At the end of the day, turning a visitor into a paying customer isn’t that complicated. You just need to address all the little things preventing them from buying from you.

Once you have all of these objections and barriers handled, you’ll find your website churning out customers for you like clockwork.


Building a successful business website is so simple you can break it into two distinct steps.

Generating traffic, and converting that traffic into paying customers.

What’s not so simple, however, is taking ACTION and pushing your business forwards into a profitable future.

If you don’t have a website yet, ask yourself: what is stopping you from building one and generating more clients for your business than you could handle?
With these obvious benefits, can you truly afford NOT  building  a successful business website?

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