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The Internet has made marketing easier for businesses. Television and radio advertisements, posters, flyers, are some of the old-school methods of promoting products and services. Now, the World Wide Web leads the age of digital marketing. You must have encountered websites like Web Marketing 123 and read about how digital marketing impacts the world of business in this age.

The tips below will help you in taking advantage of this advancement to grow your business:

1. Create High-Quality Content

Content is still king. Your content, articles, videos, or others, are very significant. You should create quality content that provides value to your potential customers. Well-researched and well-written content is always a way to convince your readers to engage.

In creating content, keep your target audience in mind. Focus on how your products or services can solve their problems, or be creative and try making something unique. Even if your target market is the elderly or older generation, they are also slowly learning to use modern technology. If you can make something that is very relatable for them, it will build trust and can eventually lead to conversions from an unlikely place.

It’s also helpful to make evergreen content. These are content that is always relevant. Years may pass, and they are still valuable to readers. On the other hand, make seasonal content as well. Like when the Christmas season is around the corner, get on with the Christmas spirit as well.

2. Be Present in Social Media

Social media is one of the most-visited websites daily. Billions of people have social media accounts. According to this social media demographic, in the USA alone, 70% of their population uses at least one form of social media. Add in all other users from around the world, and you have a wide range of potential customers.

Aside from putting up your website, create accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A lot of people browse through the Internet to look for the things they need. When you have social media accounts, you increase your chances of being found. Regularly posting creative and engaging content on those platforms will also raise awareness which will help put you on their radar.

3. Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization has greatly helped businesses to increase traffic on their websites. SEO is the process involved in the high organic ranking of sites in search engine results pages(SERP). When you are ranked higher, the number of website visitors you get on average increases. Some of the ways you can improve your SEO ranking include:

  • Page Optimization – It’s where you make changes within the pages on your website. Optimizing your website pages involves the use of tags, slugs, meta descriptions, etc. On-page optimization is a direct measure in upping your ranking. It doesn’t involve outside elements such as links and other signals.

  • Device Optimization – Most people never leave their house without their smartphones or tablets. Optimizing your websites means your web pages should be able to adapt to different screens. If your site is responsive across all other devices and not just on desktops or laptops, you also increase your ranking in SERPs.

  • Link Building – This is off-page optimization. Link building is the process of using inbound links to rank high on SERPs. Before, it used to be okay to use any link, but now, search engines have become more strict. High-quality links rank you higher while poor-quality links are considered spam and don’t help in any way.

4. Run Contests and Giveaways

Old-school promotional tools like contests and giveaways are great ways to have engagement. People usually get competitive especially if a prize is at stake. Interested participants will visit your web pages for contest details, and hopefully, it will prompt them to stay on the site and browse through other products and services you offer.

If you run the contest on your social media pages, take advantage of the shareability of posts. You can tell participants to like your page, share the post and tag friends. This way you increase your social media following, as well as other people, get to see the contest you are running and know about your brand.

5. Create Engaging Videos

People are more likely to watch videos than read through the text, especially if it’s an extra long post. Videos can engage their viewers and make them stay throughout the whole video. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube allow live video broadcasting. Live videos enable the viewers to experience what you are experiencing in real-time.

You’ll become more popular if you manage to create something that goes viral. Just make sure that the reason for it going viral is positive and not something that enraged people which will make them condemn your business. Videos that are relatable, funny, and uniquely creative can pluck the heartstrings of viewers that makes for good marketing material.

Marketing for Startups

These days, startups have better marketing options. There are plenty of modern tools available for you to promote your businesses. The Internet has also made it possible for you to market your products and services to the entire world. Take advantage of these modern advancements so you can achieve the substantial growth you want for your business.

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