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In this episode, I spoke with, co-founder and CEO, Agnes Kozera. is a marketplace for podcast sponsorships. The platform helps brands connect to the right podcasters to create authentic messages that resonate and engage listeners across audio platforms. In How-to-CEO, we are talking about the addiction to build companies.

Side-Hustles and the Entrepreneurial Spirit isn’t Agnes’s first company. She tells me about the process of going from “starving law student” to co-founding FameBit, a marketplace where brands and creators collaborate for branded content. Her efforts paid off; Google acquired FameBit in 2016.

When I asked her what kind of personality it takes to become a great CEO, her response was, “I think you have to be a little nutty!” She explained that you have to believe in yourself and be resilient to an almost nutty degree, while at the same time knowing when to apply constructive criticism.

Being a great salesperson and evangelist for your product is also key. You need to sell your idea and spread your passion to your co-founder, team members, investors, and so on.

Choosing a Good Co-Founder

I asked Agnes what she looks for in a good co-founder. She explained that what makes her and her co-founder, David Kierzkowski, such a great team is that they have different but complementary skill sets.

And how many co-founders is the “right” number of co-founders? For Agnes, two is the perfect number. For her journey, more than two co-founders could have led to “too many cooks in the kitchen,” and trust could be compromised.

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Why Start Yet Another Company?

Agnes already co-founded a successful company – one that was even acquired by Google. So I asked her why she’s going through the arduous journey of starting another one. “Once you’re a founder, and you create a lot of value, and you see the reward of other people using your product — it’s very addictive.”

On Creating a Company to Sell It

I asked Agnes if she begins her company-building process with plans of selling it in mind. She told me that good companies don’t get sold, they get bought. To be successful, a founder/CEO needs to focus on building value first and foremost. A CEO needs to be passionate about what she’s doing to get through the challenges of building a solid, reliable, and stable company. Agnes believes that when the business is good enough, an acquisition will present itself.

Agnes shares more advice, and you’ll definitely want to listen to her speak. You will hear Agness share a solid foundation of advice worth hearing in her own words. Listen to her entire interview with me here!

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. He is the founder of the How to CEO podcast and you can read his blog at

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