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I will try to say things clearly, not all SEO agencies do things right.

Moreover, some can not even be said to do something, hence this post.

It gives me a lot of pity to see how there are SEO agencies that take advantage of the ignorance of some people, people that I think are not entirely innocent, since as customers they also have the obligation to be attentive of what others do in their company.

I tell you a true case that has encouraged me to write this article.

A year ago, they called me for a budget from a company in Barcelona that was billing (according to them) one million a year and after changing the SEO agency, they did not even bill a single euro.

The first time I spoke with this person you could tell, from the outset, extremely distrustful, then he told me that he paid € 2,500 a month to an SEO agency and that he was not billed at all.

The first thing I asked was about his access to Google Analytics, his answer was I do not know and he did not know it because he did not have it installed.

As it turns out, at first glance, this domain had a penalty in this period and nobody had told them, done or warned of anything  as say agencia seo Barcelona.

Whose fault is it?

Definition of responsibility

Charge or moral obligation that results for someone from the possible error in a specific thing or issue.

Definition of guilt

Reproach that is made to whom it is imputable an action contrary to law, deliberately or negligently, for the purposes of the requirement of responsibility.

Let’s see some important details.

Ways to know if your SEO agency is doing things right or not

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We can not ignore a tool to determine whether or not you are doing a good job of SEO but, yes they can serve as a guide to know how our strategy is performing, so it is always good that you use more than one tool as a client and agency.

The problem that SEO tools have is that they have their own keyword databases and really losing one that does not take any kind of conversion is not at all worrisome.

All the tools have their own tracking system, that is, they can tell you the position in which a word is found and this you have to see both at the location of the individual and by type of device.

Google has different rankings for different locations and devices.

Nor are the tools 100% reliable in terms of tracking, it is always advisable to do your own investigations in incognito mode.


Another example of why you can not make a specific case to the tools is as follows, a customer I have removed from the Google index a large number of URLs that were well positioned but had no direct relationship to the business model the client’s.

As a result, the visibility of the project has fallen by 30% but the client has gained a 30% effectiveness by not answering queries that the only thing they did was to waste their time.


The reports are only reports and as any statistical data you can (I can) sell it in any way.

The fact of seeing a report with green colors is not going to mean that everything is going well, just as seeing everything in red is not going to mean that everything is wrong.

Try to always have comparative data

Current month with previous.

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Current month with the same month of the previous year.

Current quarter with previous quarter.

Try to have a ranking report with less than 10 keywords.

Take the data in a comparative way to analyze the evolution, not the current status of the project.

And most importantly, measure the long-term profitability of the strategy, but measure it.

So you know: as an SEO agency, at some point we have to give bad news to a customer, that is undeniable.

But you can meet a person like me, the important meetings I raise from a technical and psychological point of view, which gives me much more advantage in the meeting with the client.

A piece of information is a piece of information, although it may seem strange, it can be influenced so that a person sees exactly what we want them to see or that they do not pay attention to this information.


I am very clear that a company that does not communicate is because it has nothing to say, just like receiving automated reports without any explanation does not have much more sense than to satisfy the client and happiness starts in the sale, not in anything else.


It is not the same to call you like say agencia seo


If the client calls the SEO agency: it is usually because something is not right. If the SEO agency calls the client: it generates confidence to the client.


Although I currently work as an agency I have always worked as a freelancer because from my point of view, freelancers have a good thing that the agencies lost and it is the empathy with the client.The differential value of a company or a freelance always has to be the human person or team.

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