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Content is super important, everyone knows this in our modern-day content-driven society, and everyone on your staff, on your marketing department, and all throughout your contact list knows this. How to create that content in a way that will drive traffic, encourage connections, and bring more interested parties into your circle, that’s the part that may be challenging.

Listed here we have several types of content that can be discussed as potential avenues to engagement and audience building. Let’s talk about a very specific one, your organization’s blog, and what this can really bring to your nonprofits overall mission.   

Your nonprofit needs a blog, and it needs to be engaging, and it needs to be informative, and a whole host of other things, but most importantly there needs to be a clear mission and directive around the content published on this blog. This can mean a lot of things of course, but one thing to keep in mind when deciding on the content that will be put out on your nonprofit’s blog is what you are trying to accomplish with each post. And this can allow for a variety of different kinds of blogs to be published each with its own individual mission but also allowing for an overall game plan. 

Some of the different kinds of topics can include Initiatives that your organization is currently working on, articles about partnerships that your nonprofits work together with and why those complementary organizations are beneficial to your nonprofit’s overall mission.

You can highlight industry news the way that GrantNews does so that your readers can keep up with the trends that are impacting the nonprofit community, or your nonprofits specific industry. Another option is to write a blog post about a recent event, recap what went on, and the benefit it had to the community that is being served. There are so many options for your nonprofits blog posts, but remember that each one has to circle back to the original cause.

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So what is the reasoning behind having a blog specifically for your organization? Well, that’s for you as a nonprofit leader or director to decide. It can be that you want to educate your readers, as all blog posts are written in the spirit of that mission. It could be that you want to develop a community and engage that community through this mode of content. There may be many reasons why a blog can be helpful overall. 

Another reason that a blog can be helpful is because of the impact it has on your company’s SEO, or search engine optimization. Having regular content on a blog that bears the name of your nonprofit can actually bring your nonprofit higher in search results, which can make it easier for relevant organizations or individuals to find you when they are looking for nonprofits to work with, partner with, volunteer for, donate to, or just engage with in some way. Keeping this in mind while building up your company’s content can very much improve the types and quality of content being produced for your organization’s blog. 

The reason why this is true is that the old idea of pure-keyword SEO is no longer the way forward, and Google is much more focused on high-quality content that readers will be interested in. That means why focusing on trending keywords can still help your content, focusing on being able to create content that is relevant and engaging and helps the reader in some way is much more important in the scheme of things.

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That means that creating educational content, infographics that explain trends, having stories from your vendors, or donors, or participants can mean a lot in the lifespan and reach of your nonprofit’s blog. There is a lot that can be accomplished with the actual blog-content but the SEO impact of the blog can accomplish a very specific goal, at least in part, which is to make sure that people are able to discover your organization organically.       

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