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Alex had a hard time today not feeling like doing the work he knew he needed to do.

But he did anyway.

In this episode, Alex talks about the huge significance of not only showing up to create regularly, but in overcoming the resistance of not feeling it; not being in the mood; being bored and frustrated.

It can be done, and it will change you dramatically.

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Podcast Show Notes:


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[04:13] – The featured creative for this podcast is Fini Taboada, a creative  illustrator and a teacher. She does very good work in using watercolours in making different characters. She’s quite clever with the subject matter. The colors are really cool. The style is very accomplished. Follow her on Instagram to see more of her creative work!

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[05:32] – How to get over of not being in the mood to create when we know that we need to? How do we get in the mood?

[09:08] – Overcome resistance.

  • Expect that a lot of the creative work and experience associated with being a creative artist is not going to be perfect.
  • The mistake lies behind feeling perfect in order to create great stuff.

[11:41] – Develop a skill of dealing with negative feelings.

  • Become an expert at handling discomfort.
  • Seek / allow yourself to make mistakes.

[16:16] – Develop self-growth by overcoming challenges.

  • The art most worth doing is ideally in those moments where you least want to do it.

[20:38] – Success is never an overnight thing. It’s never a result of a big break. Successful people went through years and hundreds of thousands of steps of moments where they don’t like doing it buy they’re able to overcome it by doing and taking action.

[23:14] – “This is a number’s game.” Every little piece counts that lead to incredible value.

[27:09] – Having an exciting goal or a vision in the future.

  • It’s important to have direction. You need something to aim for, otherwise you’re not going to have a journey or a destination. You need something exciting to aim for.

[30:47] – Do what you know, focus on what you love and expect it to be painful.

    • There are moments where it’s going to be difficult, the process is going to be hard, so by doing things what you love that will keep you going.


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