How to Double Your Sales on Your eCommerce Website Using SEO

How to Double Your Sales on Your eCommerce Website Using SEO

Would you like to boost your sales on your online business? Would you like to use the power of SEO to expand your business? Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool to not only increase traffic to your site but also to boost your site ranking on search engine and this will set it up for more sales.

eCommerce has evolved in the recent years and this has contributed to a rise in the number of SEO agencies and content marketing companies. As a website owner, you can hire the services of an expert SEO agency such as SEO agency Melbourne to promote your site. Below are 5 ways that you can use to double your sales on your eCommerce website.

1) SEO Friendly Site and Shopping Cart

You will find that almost 50% of the eCommerce site traffic originates from the search engine. So the first and the most important objective is to make sure that the shopping cart software is SEO friendly. In addition, ensure that it supports friendly URLs, Meta data, re-directions, user-friendly navigation and other important website tags.

2) Have a Blogging Engine for Your eCommerce Site.

A blog is one of the most powerful marketing tools for eCommerce sites. Over the years, people have realized the need to use this powerful tool to improve your site ranking and increase organic traffic to your site. To complete this, you should ensure that the content that you post on your blog addresses the problems of your users. Also, ensure that the articles are SEO optimized.

3) Make Sure That Your eCommerce Site is Mobile Responsive

There has been an enormous use of Smartphone recently and a large percentage of the internet searches come from Smartphones. It is therefore important to take advantage of this increasing use of mobile devices. To do so, you first have to ensure that your site is mobile responsive to cater for user convenience. Another important thing is that Google gives higher priority in indexing mobile content. It also gives the ranking benefits to the mobile responsive websites. Make sure that your eCommerce panel is mobile friendly so that users can manage their orders from their mobile devices.

4) On-page Optimization

The easiest way to market your eCommerce site is to ensure that your site has on-page SEO. Investing in professional SEO services from a established SEO agency  will ensure that you get services such as keyword research, well-defined Meta tags, quality content, inter linking between the post and many other SEO related services. All these will ensure that your site ranks higher in Google search results and this will attract organic traffic.

5) Professional Website Redirecting

Assuming that your eCommerce site has expired products, ensure that you set up professional permanently 301 redirect URLs. This will prevent users from getting an error on the page when they click on a link to your product. If they encounter an error, they will feel disappointed and you will lose valuable customers.

There is a lot of hard works that is required to for your site to ranking high on Google and get more organic traffic that will convert to sales. It is recommended that you seek the help of professional SEO experts to help you with all your SEO needs for your eCommerce site, this way you will stand a chance to double your eCommerce sales.

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