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Blog traffic flows to generous bloggers.

Giving bloggers.

One easy way to drive blog traffic is to pull back on checking stats, to free your energies for giving.

Free givers find getting pretty dang easy.

Generous bloggers busy themselves not with obsessing over their getting (stat checking) but focusing almost exclusively on giving through these channels:

  • posting to their own blog
  • guest posting
  • writing generous, thorough comments
  • promoting other bloggers on social media
  • promoting other bloggers via mentions and interviews on their blogs
  • answering questions on Quora
  • answering questions via email
  • answering questions via Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities


Watch this video as I explain how pulling back on stat checking boosts your blog traffic:

Why It Works

Most bloggers obsess over their stats.

This obsession eats up minutes, hours and weeks of time, spent poring over your stats, how you are doing, why you are failing, why you are succeeding, worrying, failing, fretting, getting angry, winning, celebrating, and all that stuff associated with the action of “getting.”

When you spend 0.05% of your time on getting, you spend 99.95% of your time giving, through the methods noted above.

If you give freely you will get freely (traffic and profits) over the long haul.

I have built an inspired life by focusing almost exclusively on giving and by spending almost no time checking traffic and income stats.

Why Check Stats Anyway?

True; you can figure out where you are heading by checking stats here and there. Perhaps you change course based on traffic or income stats.

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But spending minutes, let alone hours, obsessing over stats means little, anyway.


Saying how much you make or how much traffic you get leads to fear-based, lower energy comparisons. Or in laymen’s terms, you either think you are better than other bloggers, worse then other bloggers or ho hum average, like other bloggers, by checking and analyzing stats.

Why feel better than, worse than or ho hum average, compared to other bloggers? This is a waste of time and devotes your energy to getting, when your energy should be focused on giving, 99.99% of the time.

Even worse; sharing your income and stats frequently attracts greedy or desperate bloggers. These folks only want to get; they have little interest in giving. Not exactly your ideal reader.

Infrequent Checking

Check stats once monthly, if you check them much at all.

Infrequent checking helps you devote virtually all of your energy to giving because when you starve the obsession with getting, all that remains is writing blog posts, answering questions on Quora, writing guest posts, promoting other bloggers through social media and featuring other bloggers on your blog.

As you imagine by now, bloggers obsessed – in a good way – with giving drive increasing amount of traffic to their blogs.

Devote Virtually all of Your Attention to Giving

If you give virtually none of your time to getting you will give almost all of your time to giving.

See how that works?

All the minutes and hours and days and months most bloggers devote to analysis, poring over traffic stats and income stats and their GA account can be better spent creating guest posts, blog posts, insightful, hefty blog comments, promoting other bloggers and various other ways through which you can serve, help and just plain give your way to blogging success.

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Most bloggers fret about getting.

A few bloggers obsess over giving.

The giving obsessed bloggers of the world soon find how traffic and income stats take care of themselves.

Your Turn

Are you focusing almost exclusively on giving?

How is that working for your blog traffic?

Or are you checking your blogging stats way too much? Are you worrying about your lack of traffic and blogging profits?

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