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Understanding how to drive traffic from Instagram can be one of the best marketing tactics for your business or brand.

Instagram is packed full of useful tools and features to grow your business — and with the right strategies, they can be your fast-pass ticket to more clicks and conversions. 

We’re sharing 10 strategic ways to drive traffic from Instagram, plus tips on how to build a sales plan on the app:

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #1: Add Links to Your IGTV Video Descriptions — They’re Clickable! 

Did you know that you can add links to IGTV video descriptions? 

Unlike Instagram feed posts, IGTV posts can contain clickable links — making it really easy for viewers to click through to buy your products or services! 

And as we’ve covered before, video is a powerful medium when it comes to influencing purchasing habits. With the right video strategy, you can build a deeper connection between your viewers and your products.

What’s more, you don’t need a big budget to get big results.

For example, beauty brand Trinny London shares quick makeover videos on their IGTV channel, all shot on-the-fly on mobile. 

These direct-to-camera videos are fantastic for showing Trinny London products in action, and the lack of post-production edits make the content feel more genuine and authentic.

Plus, all of the products are clearly listed in the video description — making it really easy for viewers to click through and shop the featured products. 

And even if being on camera isn’t your thing, there are still lots of ways to kick-start an IGTV strategy that drives traffic and sales. For example, you could get the members of your team involved, or partner with an influencer for an IGTV takeover! 

TRAFFIC-BOOSTING TIP: Encourage viewers to check out your video description (and links) by adding a call-to-action to your IGTV video title, such as: “Tap the arrow for more info ➡”.

Looking for more ways to boost engagement and drive traffic from IGTV? We shared Product Marketing Manager of IGTV, Jon Youshaei’s simple 3-step plan for success! 

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #2: Optimize Your Link in Bio with by Later! 

The link in your bio is super easy to find and readily clickable, making it one of the most valuable traffic-drivers on your Instagram profile. 

And the good news is, you can make your link in bio work even harder for your brand!

With by Later, you can turn your whole Instagram feed into a clickable landing page, that updates with every new post you share.

drive traffic from instagram


And the best news, it’s free — no trials or credit card needed!

Check out how USA today uses on their account:

As a publisher, USA Today shares multiple posts on Instagram each day. By using, they are able to direct their followers to their latest news story, article or blog post all from the link in their Instagram bio! All they have to do is add a call-to-action on each post:

This is a great way to drive more traffic from your link in bio. 

Plus, your landing page automatically updates with every post you link, so you’ll never have to worry about having an outdated link in bio again. That means your followers will always be able to find more information on your posts — even if the post is several months old!

Ready to start driving more traffic from your link in bio? Start using by Later today — it’s free!


5 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Link in Bio 

Once you’ve optimized your link in bio, here are some strategic ways to get more people clicking on it!  

Tip #1: Add Strategic Call-to-actions to Post Captions

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your link in bio is by adding call-to-actions to your captions that explains the value of a link.  

This could be as simple as “Head to our link in bio to shop…”, or “Tap our link in bio to find out more about…”. 

For example, Patagonia always reminds followers that they can head to their link in bio to discover a new collection, or find out more about a particular story.

Another way to encourage more clicks (and conversions!) is to create a sense of intrigue in your call-to-actions.

POPSUGAR always teases what the link in their bio will provide, but they never give the whole story away.

For example, in a post about Ryan Reynolds celebrating Hugh Jackman’s birthday, their CTA was: “Tap the link in bio to see the trolling and his birthday serenade in action!”.

By teasing just a little bit of information in your captions, you can spark your audience’s curiosity — and drive more traffic back to your website! 

ICYMI: POPSUGAR’s senior social editor Fabiola Lara shared her top tips for creating click-worthy content at this year’s LaterCon! Catch up on all her top tips now:

Tip #2: Be Consistent  

It may sound simple, but being consistent is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your link in bio! 

From your publishing pattern to regular call-to-actions, committing to consistency will help your audience know exactly what to expect. 

And before long, they’ll be well-trained to go and check out your link in bio for the details.

Take note of how Well+Good link every one of their Instagram posts using — and always have strong call-to-actions in their feed posts and stories!

Thanks to their consistent content planning and strategy, Well+Good’s Instagram traffic increased by 179% YoY!

Tip #3: Add a CTA to Your Instagram Bio 

Adding a call-to-action to your Instagram bio takes just two minutes, but it can be a real game-changer when it comes to driving more traffic.

With just a quick line of copy before your link in bio, such as: “Click to learn more about a post 🔽” or “Tap to shop any post 👇” you can instantly make your link in bio more actionable and enticing.

Tip #4: Use Analytics to Inform Your Strategy

With by Later, you can easily track every page view and click your landing page receives. 

Plus, you can also see how much traffic each individual Instagram post is generating.

We’ve integrated traffic analytics into our overall post performance analytics, allowing you to track clicks at a glance, get detailed data on clicks over time, and even rank your Instagram posts by how much traffic they drove.

With this level of insight, you can see exactly what drives your audience to click your link in bio — and what doesn’t! 

By understanding what motivates your audience, you can tailor your future content plan around this — and start capitalizing on those big click opportunities!

Tip #5: Connect Your Instagram to Shopify with Pro

If you’re on a Later for Business plan, you can connect your Shopify account to! 

With just a click, you can tag Shopify products in your posts — making it super easy for your followers to shop your feed.  

This means you can track every single conversion — and you’re in full control of all your sales data!’s Shopify integration is available on all of Later’s paid business plans, from just $19/month!

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Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #3: Create Insightful and Actionable Instagram Stories 

No matter how big or small your follower count, you can drive a serious amount of traffic from Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories provide a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their followers on a more personal level — which is great for building trust, increasing engagement, and raising product awareness. 

For example, fashion brand Lucy & Yak use Instagram Stories to visually call out the high-quality details of their products. 

By pairing this with a clear “swipe up” call-to-action, they’re successfully educating their audience about their products and encouraging traffic back to their site. A killer combo!

Equally, delving into the details or the backstory of your product can be a huge win for increasing brand loyalty.

Limited edition jacket brand Paynter only has 3 product drops per year, and they use Instagram Stories to take their followers behind the scenes on the entire production process.

Exploring your products, brand values, or founder stories — even without a ton of call-to-actions — can lead to a big boost in traffic for your site. The more your audience connects with your brand, the more likely they are to click and shop!

UNDER 10K TIP: Even if you don’t have the ability to add a link on Instagram Stories, you can always direct viewers to your link in bio (with the help of an animated GIF or two!). 

Ready to level up your Instagram Stories strategy? Check out our recent blog post: 9 Ways to Drive Traffic with Instagram Stories

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #4: Get Creative with Instagram Stories Features 

Instagram Stories are also packed full of cool features to help engage your followers and build maximum hype around your products or services.

Here are some of the top Instagram Stories features to drive traffic from Instagram:

#1: Go Live and Answer Your Followers’ Questions

Going live on Instagram Stories is a great way to build more hype around big brand moments, such as a product launch or sale!  

By inviting your audience to ask questions, you’ll be able to share all the must-have details — in an organic and engaging format.

During your Instagram live session, verbally encourage viewers to visit your site, and let them know exactly where they can find your links!

TRAFFIC-BOOSTING TIP: Post an Instagram Questions Sticker on your stories, and answer it with a clear call-to-action or link. You can then share this response during your Instagram live, creating a visual cue for your followers.

Check out out hair brand Prose used this in a live session:

This can be a great way to “pin” a link to your live feed, but take note that the shared response sticker isn’t clickable. 

With this in mind, it’s worth keeping your links as short and memorable as possible.

#2: Create Hype with the Countdown Sticker

Instagram’s Countdown sticker does exactly what it says on the tin — which makes it an awesome tool for building hype around an upcoming product launch or event! 

Vintage kids clothing brand Worn By Littles uses the countdown sticker multiple times to create maximum excitement and awareness for a new launch.

To make this sticker even more effective, encourage your followers to tap and set a reminder for when your countdown ends.

This is a great way to encourage more clicks and engagement around your biggest brand events!  

#3: Make it Personal with Poll and Slider Stickers

One of the best ways to drive traffic (and sales!) is to provide a personalized experience on Instagram.

But how can you do this with hundreds or thousands of followers? One solution is to use a combination of Instagram Stories stickers to create a tailored experience, like Lush Cosmetics

This super creative solution is great for making viewers feel more connected to their products, and more likely to “swipe up” and buy.

Looking to drive more engagement from your Instagram Stories? Discover 9 Instagram Stories Stickers that are Perfect for Businesses!

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #5: Showcase Top-Converting Stories in an Instagram Stories Highlight

Instagram Stories Highlights are the best way to extend the 24-hour shelf life of your stories, giving them a greater reach and more visibility. 

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to use your Instagram Stories Highlights strategically. 

For example, you may want to prioritise highlights that focus on your products, and drive more conversions for your brand.

Summer Fridays keeps their “SHOP” highlight right at the start of their feed: 

TRAFFIC-BOOSTING TIP: Make sure top-converting highlights are updated regularly. Adding new stories to a highlight will bump it to the front of the queue on your profile, making it more visible and easier for people to find! 

Learn how to create Instagram Stories Highlight covers that stand out, along with different strategies you can use to get more views and more followers!

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #6: Invest in Instagram Ads 

If you’re looking for a fast-pass route to drive more traffic from Instagram, you could always create an Instagram ad

Instagram ads are a guaranteed way to reach more people, and with the right strategy, they can be a huge advantage for your brand.

To make your Instagram ads as successful as possible, carefully consider your end goals. If you’re looking to drive more traffic, focus on a strong call-to-action that encourages clicks.

Take note of how Castify and Canva use short and punchy ads with clear call-to-actions for their feed and Instagram Stories ads:

Having a clear idea of your goals will help to define your target audience, creative requirements, and budget — making the whole process more targeted and efficient.

TRAFFIC-BOOSTING TIP:  Use UTM tags to gain a deeper understanding of what content converts into sales! Armed with this knowledge, you can make your Instagram ads stronger by tracking their performance and iterating based on what works for your audience and brand.

Ready to start creating successful Instagram ads? Follow our complete step-by-step guide here!

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Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #7: Use Instagram’s Built-in Shopping Features

Instagram’s built-in shopping features are one of the easiest ways to make your Instagram account instantly shoppable — which means more sales for your business!

With Instagram shopping, you can tag products directly in your feed and stories. Check out how Madewell uses this feature to make their posts super easy to shop:

Depending on their location, your audience will either be able to “Checkout on Instagram” or “Visit on Website”.

With checkout on Instagram, your followers can make a purchase without ever having to leave the Instagram app!

For Instagram Stories, all you need to do is add a “Product” sticker to your posts. Luggage brand Away regularly uses this shoppable product sticker in their stories:

To start adding product tags to your posts and stories, you need to meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be located in one of the 46 countries that the feature is currently available in.
  2. You need an Instagram Business account (Don’t have a business account yet? Make the switch by following our guide here.)
  3. You must be on the latest version of the Instagram app on either iOS or Android.
  4. Your business must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.
  5. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog. This can be created and managed on Business Manager, directly on your business’s Page on Facebook, or through Shopify or BigCommerce.

New to Instagram’s Shopping features? Discover everything you need to know in our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Shopping

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #8: Invest in the Right Brand Ambassadors 

When the right brand ambassadors talk about (and link to) your products or services, they can send a tidal wave of traffic in your direction.     

But what makes a great brand ambassador

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram — but a high number of followers doesn’t always make for a good brand opportunity.  

Instead, it’s worth considering how their audience aligns with your target audience, and how genuine their endorsement of your brand would be. 

That way, when they post about your brand on their feed, stories, or IGTV, chances are it will be an authentic (and therefore more effective) recommendation.  

For example, chocolatier Lindt partners with influencers (like fitness pro Lucy Mountain) who love their products. As a result, their sponsored posts feel more genuine and reliable — while still being properly disclosed as ads

With the right brand ambassador, you can reach a huge (and relevant!) new audience on Instagram.  

Ready to ace your next influencer campaign? Discover all the top tips in our Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing!

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #9: Develop a User-generated Content (UGC) Plan

Running a UGC marketing campaign can be an incredible (and affordable!) way to drive more traffic from Instagram. 

In its most organic form, UGC isn’t paid for by a brand, so it’s a genuine and honest recommendation being shared on the internet.

And this type of community endorsement can speak volumes for a brand.

Take for example ethical fashion brand Kotn. They regularly share UGC posts of their fans and followers wearing their products:

Whether it’s a repost sticker on Instagram Stories or an attributed feed post — regularly sharing UGC can add valuable context to your products and drive sales.  

And the good news is, it’s seriously easy to collect UGC with Later

You can add Instagram posts that you are mentioned or tagged in directly to your Later media library, making it easy to share to your social channels in just a few clicks.

Plus, you can search by hashtags or add photos from any URL to find user-generated content in seconds, or have contributors upload content to your Later account. 

Sign up to Later today to source, schedule and repost UGC to your feed in minutes!


Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #10: Create a Waiting List with “Close Friends” DMs

If you’re looking to build more traffic for your next product launch or event, you should consider using Instagram’s close friends list — it’s a great way to build hype and keep your audience engaged!

Start by sharing a post to your Instagram feed before your official launch with something like: “Follow us and leave a comment to be added to our close friends list and be the first to hear about…”

This will give your launch or event an element of exclusivity — and encourage people to sign up to stay in the loop about what’s to come.  

Once you’ve signed people up to your close friends list, you can send exclusive announcements, behind-the-scenes content, and even sneak previews.

This is a great way to strengthen the sense of community around your brand, while also rewarding your most loyal followers with exclusive content.

Plus, members of your exclusive community will feel more incentivized to click through and buy your products or services! 

Looking for more creative ways to use this feature? Discover 7 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram’s Close Friends List!

With the right tools and strategy, Instagram can be a huge traffic driver for your business or brand. 

Start experimenting today with some of these tips and tricks — you’ll soon be able to engage with your audience, and discover new ways to convert your Instagram followers in to shoppers and loyal fans. 

If you haven’t tried out by Later yet, there’s never been a better time — get set up with a clickable, optimized landing page for your link in bio in just minutes! 

Get more traffic and sales from Instagram with by Later — it’s free (now and forever!)  


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