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Digital marketing is an essential element behind the success of a business, and press release distribution is one of the most effective digital marketing tools in this generation. In order to have maximum exposure for a press release, there are a few factors needing careful attention.

Firstly, The headline should illustrate the topic clearly and should contain relevant keywords that are mostly used for the specific niche. The body of the PR (Press Release) should communicate with the audience effectively while sustaining their attention. It is important to incorporate the most volume search engine keywords for gaining SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings. “How to Target for High Average Monthly Search Volume Keywords” is an article that will help you with the keyword research.

Secondly, the press release submission must be made to a PR distribution service provider that can guarantee the maximum number of placements in widely recognized media outlets. Finding such a company can be hard as many websites are offering cheap press release distribution services, only to publish a PR in their own website., the leading global press release distribution service provider has recently introduced three new PR distribution plans that guarantee placements in 35 to over 200 media outlets. The Premium, Premium Pro and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans are offered at $69, $129, and $299 respectively. All of these PR Distribution plans ensure placement in the news section, along with the inclusion of Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Bing, and Bing news for increased search engine visibility.

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In order to get the maximum coverage, the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan is designed to have a massive outreach, spreading a press release to the concierge perpetual wire. This plan offers guaranteed placements in over 200 media outlets, including CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC and other premium networks. The press release is highly likely to get featured by sites like The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Forbes and Bloomberg. Hundreds of customers were able to make their press releases appear on these sites by writing in a way which brought out its newsworthiness. Here is an example of a recent press release featured by Forbes, using the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan:

Customers are building and maintaining a strong public relations network by subscribing to the Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions plans. You can get up to 50% discounts on the PR distribution plans and save thousands of dollars every month using the Monthly Press Release Subscription. The exact amount of discount is determined based on the PR Distribution plan and the number of press releases you need distributing in a month. The price calculator from the following link will give you instant price estimation:

In the highly competitive press release distribution industry, is the only company that provides the most affordable and effective PR Distribution plans that guarantee placements, not only distribution.

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