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Gaining blogging credibility promotes your online success.

New or struggling bloggers often do stuff that undermines their credibility, adding months or years to their success curve.

Spamming, pitching bloggers before building friendships with them and rarely making appearances via video or photo eat into your blogging cred. Big time.

Following these basic tips helps you gain serious, success-building cred over the long haul.

1: Create Videos

Create videos of yourself speaking to your audience to increase your credibility.

On a conscious level we know humans sit behind computer screens, typing away all day, building blogs.

On a deeper, emotional, subconscious level, we often need reminders to remember the human being behind the blog.

Video marketing is the easiest, simplest, most direct way to prove your humanity and to build blogging credibility.

Shoot videos on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube – go live to really grow your cred – to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

2: Be a Transparent Teacher

Most bloggers make a critical mistake in terms of being transparent; they share results versus sharing how to achieve the results.

Anybody can make up numbers or craft a misleading screen share based on smoke and mirrors.

Not anybody can learn, practice and hone skills to actually teach your readers how to succeed.

Be a transparent teacher. Concern yourself less with results and more with how to take practical, actionable steps, to teach people how to achieve rocking results. Focus on the process; not the outcome. This is one quick way to gain credibility as a blogger after you have learned your niche and feel comfortable sharing lessons in clear, simple fashion.

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I help folks across a wide range of channels all day long. I love being generous. I love inspiring people.

Being generous is the foundation of your credibility building campaign.

3: Write and Self Publish an eBook (or 126)

I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks:

Blogging From Paradise eBooks

No need to write that many but simply writing and self-publishing 1 eBook on Amazon positions you to be an authority in your blogging niche.

Rocking cred builder, having an eBook in your cyber pocket is, because if you’ve enough knowledge to write and self-publish a 6,000 word or longer eBook you know your stuff. Readers know you know your stuff, upping your cyber aka blogging credibility.

I wrote a helpful guide for writing and launching an eBook on Amazon here.

Think of yourself writing a long form, in-depth blog post. Formatting is no big deal; save formatting differences you are just writing a long, pillar style post with chapters. Sounds pretty simple, eh? It is. Do not let the fear of writing and self-publishing an eBook hold you back.

4: Promote Top Bloggers

It’s weird, but promoting top bloggers was the easiest way for me to establish blogging credibility.

How it works: I promoted top bloggers from my niche, some of whom bonded with me, befriended me and promoted me. Top bloggers promoting you inspires readers to see the both of you in a similar light.

If Matthew Loomis of Build Your Own Blog or Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secret Revealed promotes me or invites me to guest post on their blogs and I take ’em up on their offers, readers instantly see me in a prospering, successful light, boosting my credibility.

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Promote top bloggers via your blog, social media and through as many channels as possible. If you are unsure how to do it, peep Exhibit A in the prior paragraph. I mentioned Matthew and Jerry, shouting them out because I dig their content and their blogs will benefit you. Each person is a dear friend but generous cross promoting laid the foundation for that friendship.

What credibility building tips can you share?

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