How to Get Podcast Addict on Windows 10 or Mac

You may have already heard of the app called Podcast Addict. It’s currently the number one app on smartphone devices related to podcasts. It’s been downloaded by millions of people and helps with organizing and locating new podcasts to watch or listen to. With all of the conveniences that it offers, it’s a real shame that it is exclusive to portable smartphone devices. Luckily, we know of a way to get Podcast Addict for your PC, so read on if you need this great app on your Windows device.

How Can Podcast Addict Benefit Me?

Podcast Addict is an app for Apple and Android smartphones that has several functions. Primarily, it allows you to manage and sort through podcasts of all sorts. Podcast Addict’s catalog comes from Youtube,, Soundcloud and more. You can even use it with audio books and online radio shows if you like.

Podcast Addict is essentially the Spotify of podcasts. It makes it very easy to organize your podcasts in various ways such as what your favorites are or new discoveries that you can save in a playlist for later. It also makes it very easy to find new suggestions based off of what you already like or have listened to.

Streaming is the number one way people get their content these days and there is no exception to be made when it comes to podcasts. Like with what Spotify did for music or what Netflix did for television and movies, Podcast Addict makes streaming virtually any kind of podcast you can find an absolute cinch.

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There is only one big obstacle preventing more people from benefiting from this app – it is, well, the fact that it is an app. It can only be downloaded on portable devices such as Android smartphones.

If you want to experience the benefits that Podcast Addict offers on a computer instead of Android, there is a simple way to do that.

Get Podcast Addict for PC Now

To get Podcast Addict for PC, you really only need to have one ingredient: an Android emulator. These programs allow your computer to copy the framework necessary to play Android apps, including Podcast Addict.

Fortunately, many of the best Android emulators are totally free of charge. While there are several out there, our number one recommendation has got to be Bluestacks. You can find the program from its official website right here.

Once you’ve finished downloading and installing Bluestacks, activate it. You’ll see a search bar which works a lot like the Google Play Store. Simply type in podcast addict and you’ll see it pop up in the results. Download it and then as long as you have the Bluestacks program activated you’ll be able to use Podcast Addict for PC.

Podcast Addict on Windows & Mac - Step 1

Podcast Addict on Windows & Mac - Step 2Podcast Addict on Windows & Mac - Step 3

Final Remarks

We hope you enjoy using what is arguably one of the best apps ever made, from the comfort of your portable laptop or Windows desktop. Podcast Addict for PC is extremely convenient, so we hope you enjoy using it on your laptop or desktop.

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