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How to Hire the Perfect Social Media Intern

How to Hire the Perfect Social Media Intern

The process of finding the right person for the right job isn’t always the easiest task. But there’s a few ways to make this process much easier. Let’s jump into the exciting possibilities of social media advertising.

The ubiquity of the Internet also means that ads are now unavoidable. Chances are that most social media marketing interns are pretty young. As a result, you have a population of interns who are very savvy with technology and all its uses.

Again, if you’re a company looking to hire a social media intern, the time has never been better.

The Rise of Social Media

Technology advances. We see these advances everywhere, from the evolution of the cassette to the CD-ROM and finally to the USB drive.

Advertising efforts develop in the same way. Before, you had magazines and newspapers offering columns or pages to companies. Now, you have ads coming out of the woodwork every time your browse the Internet.

With the popularity of social media, it’s no surprise that ads have caught onto that platform as well.

The Social Media Intern

Accept it: ads are here to stay. But the prevalence of Internet ads has  created a new category of jobs. People who specialize in creating those ads!

Social media is so expansive and unique. Each platform demands unique strategies for success. For instance, Facebook uses a popular liking and commenting system to measure user engagement.

Reddit is community-oriented, meaning user created content dominates. Twitter is allows for users to fire pithy, entertaining replies at each other.

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Less popular sites usually get the short end of the stick. Their strategies usually center around incredibly annoying and distracting popups. Clumsy conversion efforts to recruit users appear frequently as well.

So where does the social media intern fall into this grand scheme of Internet advertising? It’s pretty straightforward actually. They just help come up with trending ideas and strategies to take advantage of the banal browsing tendencies of the masses.

Identifying The Ideal Social Media Intern

If you want your social media campaigns to be successful, you better keep an eye out for talented social influencers.

Social influencers is a bit vague, but what it means is someone who knows their way around the group. Let’s take a look at a brief profile of the types of people best suited as influencers on social media platforms.


Facebook revolves around likes, comments, and shares. You can characterize this as a site that allows the users to express and spread opinions. The unique aspect to this is the exclusivity that’s inherent in Facebook. Normally, you’ll have to be a friend or a member to access inner circles.

If you’re looking for someone to be the linchpin of your Facebook campaign, you’ll want to make sure they’re familiar with all of the basic features of the site. Their success relies on their ability to infiltrate certain groups and gradually influence the opinions of those group members. Another role these marketing interns might play could revolve around dealing with the reviews and online presence of a particular company on Facebook.

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Twitter less personal and more to the point in comparison to Facebook. Users usually have short, witty exchanges with each other and liberally express their viewpoints through tweets. The limit on words you can make in a tweet has created this culture.

Social media interns specializing in dealing with Twitter debacles should be quick-witted and observant of popular trends. Being able to have a sense of your company’s informal perception by the public is an important feature of Twitter and a reasonable skill for an intern to have.


Even though Instagram is closely associated with Facebook, it’s social culture is entirely different. In this case, vanity essentially fuels Instagram’s popularity. It’s the premier platform to show yourself off: whether you’re an attractive girl, a rich guy, or simply some guy living it up.


If you’re looking for a well-rounded social media intern, they should be well-versed with Instagram. Instagram is a hotbed for under the table promotions and endorsements. Having the know-how and skill required to navigate through the site and connect with characters relevant to your businesses should be part of your potential intern’s skill set.

All in all, social media is a fast evolving platform that requires marketers that are familiar participants in order to ensure better chances at successful marketing campaigns.

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