4 Ways to Improve Your CRS

How to improve your customer surveys [Infographic]

What to measure when conducting customer surveys

The customer has to be at the heart of your strategy. That’s so elemental it hardly merits saying. But how do you accurately build up a picture of your customers desires, wants, and needs?

Customer surveys offer a valuable way of connecting with your customers and understanding them better. But, often it’s extremely hard to get your customers’ attention for periods long enough to get detailed results. After all, we’re all busy. Let’s face it, how many emails asking you to give your feedback have you ignored in the past week? More than the number of surveys you’ve answered in all likelihood.

If you need tips on how to get more from your customer surveys, this infographic from appuri offers four ways you can improve them. Also, see our new Quick Win for members on Customer Satisfaction Surveys and measuring NPS for more detailed recommendations on best practices for completing surveys.

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