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Yesterday I wrote 5 guest posts.

I published a post on the Warrior Forum.

I answered questions on Quora for 20 minutes.

I published another blogging tips themed post on Blogging From Paradise.

I published a travel-themed page on Blogging From Paradise.

I love what I do. I love traveling. I love blogging. I love helping folks build successful blogs and I also enjoy sharing my travel experiences too.

As I act more abundantly every day, traffic flows to me freely, steadily and in increasing fashion.

That’s how it works; if you help people across multiple channels online – without holding back – you will see a gradual increase in not only your traffic, but with your profits as well.

Helpful people prosper.

Generous people never lack for blog traffic.

One of the most direct ways to increase your blog traffic is to act abundantly.

Why it Works

Act abundantly.

Tune into abundance.

If you share your gifts generously, in a bunch of spots, through various channels, traffic and profits will flow your way.

Most bloggers hold back, publishing virtually all posts to their blog alone. If you hold back, it will be held back to you. If you fear sharing your knowledge, insight and know how through guest posting, niche specific forums and niche specific social media groups you will see your fear reflected back to you through a lack of traffic, profits, list subscribers and heck, anything related to your blogging campaign.

Generous bloggers appear to be all over the place because they out share the more stingy, afraid bloggers of the world.

Bloggers who appear to be all over the place, sharing their know-how with their niche, become leading influencers in their niche.

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Practical Examples

Peep these practical examples of acting abundantly:

  • guest post on blogs from your niche
  • publish in-depth 4-5 paragraph long, valuable, personalized comments on top blogs from your niche
  • share your thoughts on niche specific forums
  • answer questions on Quora
  • answer questions on niche specific Facebook Groups
  • answer questions on niche specific Google Plus Communities
  • fulfill interview requests for podcasts, videos or text-based interviews

Acting abundantly means sharing your knowledge with the world through a wide range of online platforms. This generous, kind sharing boosts your blog traffic quickly because an increasing number of folks will discover you, your blog and your brand through these channels.



Think about reaching a maximum number of people with one action.

Then repeat that action.

Simple concept, when you dwell on it for a minute.

Guest post to act abundantly.

Example; when I publish a post on Blogging From Paradise I reach my 60,000 followers.

But when I guest posted on Positively Positive I reached 80,000 email subscribers and 2.5 million Facebook Fans.

When my Warrior Forum podcast interview goes live I will reach 1.3 million members.

Not bad, eh?

This is leveraging. Befriending people and sharing content on platforms with large, engaged audiences is the simplest way to act abundantly. Be generous. Share your talents with the masses. This is a powerful, incredibly simple way to drive your blog traffic.

Avoid Thinking Narrowly

Don’t think narrowly.

Most bloggers struggle to get traffic because they generate a blog post idea and have tunnel vision, thinking narrowly, only placing posts on their blog.

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Widen your vision. See a larger field of places where you can create helpful content and help new readerships.

Act abundantly. Publish guest posts. Create in-depth blog comments on top blogs from your niche. Contribute on Quora. Answer questions on niche specific forums.

Leave your blogging tunnel vision behind. When you see and seize opportunities for leveraging all around you, acting abundantly becomes habitual.


Do you like seeing me gab?

Check out this video on Facebook.

I explain how to increase your blog traffic by acting abundantly:

Your Turn

How are you acting abundantly?

What tips can you add to this list?

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