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Many bloggers struggle horribly to find their writing voice.

In a world of mimicking bloggers who parrot phrases uttered by their mentors it feels tough to step away from the herd.

Make no mistake; we as humans do follow the herding instinct. Stepping away from the crowd feels dangerous at first. Quite scary, really.

But in the blogging game you need to step away from the crowd by finding your writing voice to succeed.

I live a cool life. I island hop, usually in the tropics, as a professional, full-time, traveling blogger.

Finding my writing voice played a key role in me being able to live this life.

Writing in my voice has been a huge traffic builder for me too.

Here’s why….

Why this Works

If you write in your one of a kind writing voice you shine brightly in your niche, helping you increase your blog traffic.

Boring, bland, 3rd person viewpoint blogs hardly drive traffic. Anybody can run a boring, lifeless blog designed solely to imitate other bloggers. But few folks run authentic, genuine, eye-catching blogs. Even fewer bloggers write in their own voice.

I have written and self-published the top-rated eBook in its category on Amazon:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

This eBook became so popular because it gives you permission to succeed as a writer or blogger by being you and by writing how you speak.

Win-win scenario: you feel comfy in your own writing clothes. Self-conscious tension, the fear of criticism and the fear of failure dissolve from your being. Success flows your way, as increased blog traffic and profits.

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Blog Mainly for Fun

Blog mainly for fun.

Detach some from the traffic and money and lifestyle outcomes which hold you down like a 2 ton anchor.

Write in your own voice and boost your blog traffic by blogging mainly for fun, with love.

Most bloggers blog from a space of fear, desperately worrying about driving traffic and profits through their blogs. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears dissolves the tension that blocks you from shining through your blog.

If you blog mainly to give and have fun your writing voice naturally surfaces.

As your writing voice emerges you will naturally shine brightly and drive increased traffic to your blog.

Do not look past this mental aka energy component of writing in your voice.

Most bloggers skip the practical tips I’m sharing here because they have no time to actually practice writing and to surround themselves with authentic bloggers.

If you get the energy aspect of blogging down cold everything will come together more easily for you.

Write 1000 Words Daily for Practice

Practice writing daily.

Improve your writing skills.

Allow your writing voice to surface.

Open a Word document. Write 1000 words. Trash the document.

This practice cultivates the art of detachment while giving you confidence and clarity in your writing.

Write about your blogging niche or day to day activities.

Practicing the skill of writing strips away self-conscious writing tendencies, allowing your writing voice to shine through, loud and clear.

Surround Yourself with Authentic Bloggers

Authentic bloggers write with clear, distinctive voices.

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Look at Jeff Goins. Jon Morrow.

These guys write in their one of a kind style voice to resonate with their readers and you betcha they drive serious traffic to their blogs.

Hang with these folks. Follow their blogs. Allow their authenticity to rub off of you.

Find your writing voice by learning from genuine bloggers who write in their authentic, one of a kind, writing voice.


I explain this concept via video in New York City:

Your Turn

How have you found your writing voice?

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