How to Increase Blog Traffic: Guest Posting

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As we continue with ways to increase blog traffic I want to dive into guest posting.

When I asked my Facebook Friends the other day how they drive blog traffic Zac Johnson noted how guest posting is probably the best way to increase traffic to your blog.

I agree with him.

You get sweet SEO benefits plus introduce yourself to established, loyal audiences.

I have written and published over 1,000 guest posts through a rich collection of blogs. Let me tell you; this traffic driving technique has been good to me.

The benefits range from making friends with top bloggers in your niche, to growing your email list, to boosting your blogging profits and of course, one chief perk of guest posting is increasing traffic to your blog.

Imagine a steady stream of interested readers finding your blog through a wide range of channels. Pretty sweet gig, when you become an in-demand commodity on the guest blogging circuit.

Follow these tips to boost your blog traffic through guest posting.

Write 1000 Words Daily for Practice

This is it.

Really, this is the single tip, the 1, the difference maker.

Practice writing daily. You will have no problems placing guest posts on top blogs.

Writing 1000 words daily in a Word document – then trashing the document – is the ultimate traffic driver too. As your writing confidence and clarity expands so will traffic through your blog and your guest posts.

More than that, you will feel clear, confident and calm enough to write for top blogs in your niche.

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Most bloggers talk themselves out of guest posting because they believe they are not good enough writers to land features on top blogs.

Writing regularly helps dissolve this self-defeating, damaging tendency, helping you guest post on respected blogs with confidence.

Befriend other Bloggers

Befriend other bloggers in your niche.

Build bonds that lead to prospering partnerships, including guest posting opportunities.

Out of the 1000 plus guest posts I have placed only a few were pitch-related. I pitched 3-4 bloggers for guest posting opportunities. Save those folks, I was invited to write and place guest posts for every other opportunity that flowed my way.

Comment on blogs. Promote other bloggers. Help top bloggers from your niche in as many ways as possible.

Be generous. The blogging world will be generous to you, as guest post invites flow in freely and easily.

Guest post on Respected Blogs from Your Niche

Guest post on respected, trusted blogs from your niche. Help people by connecting with large, targeted audiences.

Get the biggest bang for your guest posting buck by sticking to authority blogs.

I have guest posted on blogs like Pro Blogger, here on Blogging Tips, Basic Blog Tips and I will be published on Blogging Pro shortly with my first guest post on that site.

Being published in these spots ensures I drive passive, targeted traffic to my blog persistently.

Basically, hang where your ideal readers hang.

Treat Each Guest Post Like Your Post

Treat every single guest post you publish like one of your babies, aka, one of your blog posts.

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Promote it across multiple social media channels. Tag your fellow blogger on social media, giving them props for actually publishing your guest post.

Respond to every comment – within reason – and engage readers freely. The exception: if you have 14 guest posts floating around and 200 plus comments on those guest posts you obviously cannot respond to every one and remain sane. Let go a few. Or a bunch. Respond to the first 4-5 on each guest post.

Treat the guest post just like any post you would write on your blog.


Peep this video of me fending off a big Tom cat and also discussing this concept of doing the guest posting bit to drive blog traffic.

I filmed it in lovely NYC:

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