How to Increase Blog Traffic: Live Videos

Live video is a powerful tool for your blog traffic building arsenal.

I am obsessed with broadcasting live videos daily.

It’s fun, freeing and a fabulous practice for sprinting outside of your comfort zone.

Zac even mentioned me as a live video guy to watch on John Chow’s blog:

3 Ways to Improve Site Content and Conversions with Online Video

Let’s see why live video helps increase your blog traffic.

Why it Works

This traffic driving method works well because people want to connect with you on a deeper level.

Reading blog posts rocks.

Watching a blogger broadcast live videos adds a different element to your blogging campaign.

You will feel more real, more human, by doing live video because the real you will shine through your blog and your brand.

Video is a fabulous traffic builder in regards to establishing your authenticity.

Broadcasting live video takes things up about 10 notches.

This raising of the authenticity bar drives blog traffic because readers will get to know you more intimately through live broadcasts.

Human Factor

Readers want to connect with you.

Readers want to relate with you.

To some folks you are just words on a screen until they see you live, broadcasting videos.

Other loyal minions may have bought in to you and your brand years ago but doing live broadcasts adds a deeper level of transparency and authenticity to your blog and brand.

Be you.


Start broadcasting live videos today to add that super critical, business and traffic building, human factor to your blog and brand.

When people know you are human they can connect with you on a deeper level.

Scary but Fun and Freeing

Doing live videos scared the bejesus out of me as a dyed in the wool, live video newbie.

I cut my “recorded and uploaded” video teeth many moons ago. Live video was a whole different animal.

I’d have to think on my feet, open myself up to real time comments – including criticism – and to….gasp….be myself in front of the world in a real time setting.

I recorded my first live video months ago, diving in with an equal mix of fear and excitement.

I never looked back.

I have recorded hundreds of live videos among 3 networks.

This is a fun, freeing and steady traffic building way to serve readers, to connect with human beings and through which you can really, genuinely, enjoy the blogging ride.

Hit Multiple Networks

Hit multiple networks.

I publish live videos daily on Periscope, Facebook and YouTube.

Doing so appeals to readers via their platform of choice.

Some readers prefer watching my Periscope live videos. Other readers dig Facebook. Some readers get notifications when my YouTube videos go live.

If you attract readers through multiple live video platforms you can tailor your campaign to their preferences, boosting your blog traffic in the process.

You will also uncover potential bugs on certain networks, helping you increase your blog traffic through diversification.

Example; creating Facebook Live videos on my Chromebook results is choppy videos at times. I mix things up between my Chromebook Live videos and my phone live videos on Facebook to reach more users versus doing the Chromebook thing only.

Video Is the Wave of the Present and Future

Blogging ain’t going anywhere soon.

But in the same regard, you better believe video is the wave of the present and future.

Web surfers are more knowledgeable. They want living, breathing human beings behind blogs and brands.

Using live video is the easiest way to add an authentic, personalized, human touch to your blog because can you really outdo hitting a live button and speaking to your readers in a real time setting?

Live video is a powerful traffic builder because it is a connector. Readers see real, live humans helping them via video, not just bloggers, and this clarifying qualifier is the wave of now, and the future too.

Your Turn

Are you using live video to drive traffic to your blog?


Why not?


Ironically, the live video I broadcast on doing live videos to drive blog traffic is a bit choppy.

No worries though.

You can check it out here:

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