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Did you launch a product on Amazon, but don’t know how to get more traffic to it.

Here are 6 ways to help drive more traffic to your Amazon Listing


1. Don’t Sweat Their Algorithm

Amazon’s algorithm isn’t like Google’s. True they prioritize providing the best results but they also shuffle their results to fairly and evenly promote everyone’s products. Remember, Amazon wants you to do well, so let them help you, just follow their rules and monitor Amazon users statistics.

Just take into account the fact that their algorithm is also different from category to category and the country of the seller can have bearing over the ranking. The way people search for certain products varies and they realize this. Provide value and you’ll rank high.


2. Think Like Your Customers

Specifically, think about how they search for potential products. Certain products still get bought if they don’t rank high, because people are willing to check more than the top few listings or because people look for that specific product. While other products get bought by ranking high on broad searches, and others need detailed long-tail keywords to be visible.

If someone wants earbuds, they’ll type that, but if someone wants shoes, they’ll type out what kind of shoes instead of typing the term shoes.

Just ask yourself what is the customer thinking about when searching for the product. What types of searches bring your product traffic.


3. Keyword Research is Vital

Now that you know the mindset of your customer, you can build a list of keywords to place in your title and description. This boosts your visibility to the Amazon users base.

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Similar to Google search engine optimization. keywords tell Amazon how relevant is to a search. You will get more traffic if you know which phrases people are searching before they buy a certain product.

There is more buyer intent with Amazon searches than there is with Google. Of course, there is intent to buy on Google searches, but many of the searches are for information, news, and product, while Amazon searches consist of only products.

So your keywords need to have buyer’s intent. The best option is to use a keyword research tool. If you offer resistance bands, your keywords could be “best resistance bands”, and “cheap resistance bands”. But if you had a blog post on the same topic, you would use keywords such as “best resistance band exercises”, and “resistance band workouts”. Then use your keywords into your description and content.


4. Optimize Your Main Image

Products with great photos convert higher than low-quality photos. A great keyword strategy will give you more impressions, but if you want more clicks, you’ll need great visuals.

You must stand out among your competitors in a good way. Hiring a photographer, using a high-quality camera and experimenting with different angles are ways to do this.

Once you have your images, split test the best two photos for 7 days each.


5. Evaluate Your Price

This is of the utmost importance. Good keywords and Images are mandatory, but no one is going to choose a bad deal. Your product should help others and the simplest way to do that is to save them money.

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Search for your product using a few different keyword searches. Look at the top 5 sellers. There’s a great chance they have done their research in all areas, but especially the price. So there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just offer more value

You won’t be the top dogs by charging more. But making the product too cheap will make people think it is of very low quality. You shouldn’t have to lower your product much to be noticed.

Lastly, it’s better to set a price at $9.99 with free shipping than $4.99 + $4.99 shipping.


6. Giveaways and Discount Promotions

This is a great way to connect with your audience and improve your reputation. Someone who is known for giveaways and contests has a higher chance of repeat customers.

.Here are a few examples of social media giveaways.

On Instagram, put your link in your bio. Then tell your followers to tag you in a post for a chance to win a free product.

Tell your YouTube subscribers every week, 3 lucky subscribers will randomly be picked to win.

Or you can send them to a capture page where they give you their email address in exchange for a promo code.

20% off to anyone who shares your post on Facebook, or retweets your post on Twitter.

You don’t need a large following to do this, you just need people to participate and share it and you will gain organic traffic.

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