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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Free With This Sneaky Tip

What if I told you that in less than 60 seconds you can increase traffic to your website.

And at the same time, build new backlinks without lifting a finger?


Today I am going to show you exactly how to do that!

And best of all?

This method is 100% free!

All you need to be able to do is copy and paste – it really is that simple.

What You Will Learn

  • How to increase traffic to your website free of charge
  • How to build new backlinks automatically
  • How to improve your content
  • My personal results when I implemented this strategy

The Forgotten Sharing Tool

Copy and pasting is one of the most powerful sharing tools on the web. Its the internet equivalent of word of mouth marketing.

Whether someone wants to share your content in an email, social media or a blog post – it’s likely they will use the copy and paste function.

increase traffic to your website with copy and paste

In the past month alone 135,656 page views has seen content leave my site 5,762 times via copy/paste.

That means 4.3% of my traffic is highlighting my content, copying it and then pasting it somewhere else.

The problem with that though, is more often than not they don’t include a link back to my page.

So how do we harness the power of the most powerful sharing tool on the web to increase traffic to your website free?

Increase Traffic To Your Website Free With 33Across

33Across (formerly known as Tynt) is a free service that helps you harness the power of copy/pasting once and for all!

It tracks the copying/pasting of your content across the web and provides detailed reports.

33across tynt overview

It has a bunch of neat features-

  • Tracks number of content copys
  • Tracks number of new backlinks generated
  • Tracks traffic coming from copy/pasting
  • Adds social media sharing button pop ups
  • Identifies keywords/phrases people used to leave your site (more below)

How Does It Work?

Whenever someone copys a piece of text or image from your site, 33Across will automatically add a backlink to the page the content was copied from.

For example if I copy some text from this post and then paste it into a new email, this is what happens-

33across paste demo

You’ll notice it has automatically added a unique link to the post, optionally you could also automatically add a link to your Twitter profile or Facebook page as well.

Try it out for yourself – just highlight this line of text hit copy and paste it into something to see it in action for yourself.

This is truly a great method to get free backlinks & traffic for your website!

Setting Up 33Across Is Easy

Just sign up for a free 33Across account.

You will be given a piece of Javascript code that you need to paste into the header of your site.

Make sure you are installing the SiteCTRL script

33across script

They provide instructions for most platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr & Joomla.

Once you have added the code jump back to 33Across and test the installation. If your using a caching plugin, don’t forget to clear caches first!

script test

Once you’ve done that the installation is complete!

33Across is now up and running =D

Tinkering With 33Across

Next jump over to Settings > SiteCTRL Settings to tinker with things a bit!

There are a few options for you to configure here so I’m just going to show you how I have it setup.

Attribution & SEO Link

This is the setting that automatically adds a backlink to your site and an optional link to your Twitter profile or Facebook page.

The settings are pretty self explanatory but here is a screenshot of mine-

attribution settings

Once setup it will automatically add links into copy/pastes!

This is the only 33Across feature that I have enabled, but feel free to experiment with the others below.

Address Bar Tracking

Personally I have this turned off because it adds the unique # reference to the end of URLs in the browser address bar.

Tynt URL tracking

I think it looks a bit strange and might be off putting to the average user.

Plus if someone is copying/pasting your URL – your still going to get the traffic/benefits of that anyway.

SpeedShare Widget

This is another feature of 33Across I don’t use on the blog but you might find it handy.

speedshare widget

When someone copys text it automatically pops up social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Google+

It will also add Pinterest buttons to images when people hover over them.

My 33Across Results So Far!

Let’s take a look what that tiny bit of Javascript I copy/pasted has done for the blog in the past 30 days with 33Across!

What Is Being Copied?

You can instantly see how many times your content has been copied. It tracks text and images breaking it down page by page.

what is being copied report

As you can see I have URL copy tracking disabled.

If you look at the top 5 at the bottom – it’s amazing to see just how many times people have copied text/images in the last 30 days!

Website Traffic

33Across has helped to bring a total of 376 unique visitors and 492 page views to the blog in the last 30 days.

That alone is worth the 60 seconds work it took to setup!

You can get more detailed statistics showing you which posts brought the most 33Across based traffic.

traffic from 33across

You can dive a little deeper and get more detailed statistics about each page.

Just click on the page you want to learn more about-

traffic details

This will also tell you where the traffic has come from as well.

Social Traffic

You can also get statistics on how the automatically inserted link to your Twitter/Facebook profiles performed.

social traffic

In the past 30 days I have had 47 extra visitors to my Twitter profile through other peoples copy/pasting efforts!

How To Increase Backlinks To Your Website

33Across has also detected 8 new backlinks due to copy/pasting in the last 30 days.

33across new backlinks

The only problem with this is someone has to click the link to your site from the linking page in order for 33Across to detect a new backlink has been created.

So this isn’t the most reliable metric and the actual number of created backlinks is more than reported as not all of them will get clicked.

Inbound & Outbound Keywords

This is one of the coolest features of 33Across in my opinion. It shows you which keywords were used to not only bring people to your site, but also to leave your site.

Knowing which terms/phrases your users are copying to search for more information on is a gold mine!

33across outbound keywords

Pay attention to the keywords on the right hand side here. These are the terms people are highlighting on your site to search for more information.

The Majestic SEO & SEO Spyglass ones suggest I need to create reviews for those tools.

Where as the ahrefs (free/paid) – 11,227 & backlinkwatch (free) – 1,517 keywords are actually headers from this article telling me I need to make those headers links.

The backlink checkers one is another good example. I have a post all about that subject so I need to go back and add an internal link to that post!

Hopefully your seeing just how useful that is – just a shame they only show data from the past 24 hours 🙁

The Only Problem

When I first deployed 33Across (formerly known as Tynt) I was worried it would annoy some readers, but luckily I haven’t had a single complaint about it.

The one person it does annoy though is me.

When I publish a post I often copy/paste the title into social media updates, newsletters, updating signatures in forums and so on.

But when I do that it automatically adds in the link to the post and my Twitter profile which gets annoying.

However if you go into settings and scroll to the bottom you can use the local opt out feature to stop that from happening.

Wrapping It Up

33Across is free for anyone to use and helps you get the most out of your traffic.

It takes less than 60 seconds to setup and you only have to do it once, its set & forget.

I originally set it up in October 2013 and in the past 30 days alone I was able to-

  • Get an extra 492 new unique visitors
  • Get 47 visitors to my Twitter profile
  • Get 8 new backlinks
  • Find out what my users want
  • Learn how to improve the blog

Not a bad investment of time huh? And it’s 100% free!

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you set it up for your site and how it performs for you.

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