How to Leverage Behavioral Data Across Your Company

Tracking customer event data, such as for Kissmetrics’ behavioral analytics solution, is an integral part to any successful online business–but I bet you already knew that. You might also know that installing Kissmetrics tracking code across your platform is relatively straight forward, though it can get complex depending on your specific requirements.

The complexity and management overhead of event tracking can rise quickly when every data-capturing tool your team adds requires developers to implement tracking code for every product. It is time consuming and can take up resources. And no big surprise, this can create friction between marketing and engineering. You definitely knew that… cue engineers and marketers nodding their head slowly

Customer Data Management with Segment

Customer data management platforms are the right way to go for leveraging customer event data across your company. We’re going to focus on one we work with quite often, Segment.

Segment, which recently raised a $64m series C, solves the customer data management problem and then some.

Here’s how it works:

You install Segment tracking code once and they’ll collect all customer event data and integrate it with all the top applications and send the data to them accordingly. Segment captures data from every customer touch point and then sends your customer data to the tools where it can be used most effectively. Their goal is to take the step of adding and managing unique snippets with each new tool off the table.

Beyond the ease of adding new tools to your automation stack, all the bugs that can occur by constantly adding snippets and the contradictory data across tools is eliminated because everything flows through Segment.

This is a huge win for engineering and marketing teams. Engineering can focus on creating new products and experiences and marketing is free to work with all the different tools they need without bogging down engineering. Beyond that, experimenting with new tools is easier and more feasible. Cue engineering and marketing nodding happily…

Get the Data and Use It

Understanding customer behavior and triggering actions based on that behavior is the lifeblood of any successful business. Collecting event data from every source possible and sharing that data across applications and organizations is necessary to accomplish that. Segment will collect data from every one of your platforms–mobile, web, server and cloud. From there, it can disperse the data however needed.

First, Understand Behavior

Kissmetrics is a Customer Engagement Automation platform. That’s behavioral analytics plus email campaign automation. Understand who your best customers are, and how to get more of them.

Kissmetrics processes all the customer data and delivers reports so you can understand what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not. It helps you determine how to interact with your customers to keep them on track. You’ll find where prospects fall out of the funnel, where they get stuck and how paying customers use your product.

Get started fast with Segment + Kissmetrics

Because of Segment’s straightforward integration, it’s easy to get started using Kissmetrics’ behavioral analytics. In no time, you’ll see the data you’re capturing via Segment show up in Kissmetrics to learn exactly how your prospects and customers are behaving across your website and products.

Kissmetrics customers with Segment have raved about the integration. It’s simple: your developers only need know Segment’s API and two methods: identify and track. Then you’re off to the races.

If you’re implementing Kissmetrics and don’t plan on implementing any other tool that requires customer data tracking, you can just use Kissmetrics native integration. But if you’re going to be implementing more tools, we strongly recommend using Segment.

Special offer to get started with Segment and Kissmetrics

If want to try Kissmetrics, we’re offering a promotion for Segment customers. Sign up with Kissmetrics and get two months free. You’ll receive full onboarding support from Kissmetrics and be able to start quickly with Segment’s integration.

It’s easy to get started Segment customers! Contact Kissmetrics to take advantage of this offer.

About the Author: Jonathan Cabin is a Growth Analyst at Kissmetrics focused on initiatives that create sustainable growth. His background covers sales, project management and marketing. In his free time you can find him surfing, golfing and asking his boss for time off to travel.

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