How to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration(PC to mobile)

Free phone calls from PC– Have you heard about internet calling from PC/laptop to mobile? I think you may be known and may not. But Today I have the solution for free calls online without registration.  Yes, you heard right about make free calls online with PC.

Now, guys, you can make free internet calls from your personal computer to any cell phone, mobile or landline. Even it enable us to do local as well as international calls using our computer. The best thing about this method is that a user can make a free phone call online now without any hassle.

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Free Calls Online Without Registration

There are so many methods and sites and apps which allow us to make free calls using our internet or data pack but mostly their voice service and quality are not much good in case of calls.

I have searched a lot and found a useful web app which will help you to do some free internet calls without spending money, but the limitation of this web app is, it gives limited time for free after that you need to pay something for continuing your calls.

Call2friends is a web app which will help you to make a free online call to the mobile phone. It is also website so that user can open it via their browser and make calls with the free mind.

Free calls online without registration
Free calls online without registration

Call2friends An Internet Calling App

Call2friends is a website which can make any call for the various country. A user can do calls in via this website in any country. Also,  you can make calls on national as well as international countries. I loved this because it offers free calls online without registration.

The main thing about this web based app is that it requires flash player for working. Because this is entirely web based app that is the reason it requires flash player support. You can make a free phone call online now without any hassle. See this also: – Truecaller number search online without any app

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Why mostly people like this site? Becuase  Call2friend website doesn’t  require any registration for making any calls, but it gives only limited access to the unregistered person. Means you can simply visit their site and do some calls, but they will give you some limited period for calls. I think if gives 80 sec for free.

For making internet calls via PC to any mobile, you must have the good quality mic for voice transmission and be getting output it requires the speaker. And the most important it the internet, yes you must have the good internet connection with high speed.

Requirements for free phone calls from PC

Here we have mentioned some important requirements for making free internet calls from PC to mobile. Below are some essential requirements to make an online free call to mobile.

  1. Need Latest Flash player
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Website- call2friends
  4. Enjoy free internet calls.

How to Make free calls online without registration using call2friends

Follow the below steps carefully and make free internet calls using call2friends website

  • First of all, you need to install the latest version of flash player from above-given download link in requirements


  • Now install flash player and close it
  • Open your web browser and search call2friends website or click here
  • Note- If you don’t have flash player installed then it won’t work. Sometimes it shows nothing in the normal browser so it that case open call2friends website in Private windows.
  • Enter your phone number by clicking on virtual phone or enter via physical keyboard
  • Choose country where you want to make free internet call
  • After entering the number, simply press call button for making calls
  • It will take some seconds for checking all things like mic is properly plugged in or not, Speaker for output sound and internet connectivity for better calling
  • Finally, you made free internet calls using your PC to mobile. Now Make calls online over any country for free and enjoy it.
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How to make unlimited free calls using call2friends website

It provides the limited period for free users or unregistered person. Now what you need to do for getting unlimited call access. Follow the below steps and make unlimited free internet calls.

  • At first, you need to go on your Chrome browser settings
  • Go to clear section and clear everything like cache, cookings, and history
  • Now try again call2friends website and boom you got another few minutes for making free calls
  • By using this method, you can make unlimited calls for free without any registration.

Final words

So, guys, I have mentioned about how to make free calls online using PC. This guide is totally based on how to make free calls online without registration and free to use. Now you don’t need to worry about roaming because this web app gives you free internet call using your internet connection. See this also: – Spotify PremiumAPK

Before processing make sure you have a good internet connect because it requires good speed and fast connection such as broadband, 3g, 4g, and so on. You have to install the flash player for making any calls. The website is totally based on web app so need some software.

This site gives free calling system without registration, but if you want to make calls unlimited, then you need to have registered and pay some money. Their call rate is reliable, and international calls can be done at a cheap price.

I think guys it’s done. If you feel any problem regarding this tricks then simply comment below, I will surely answer all comments. Thanks for visiting my blog. Now your turn for sharing this fantastic article with your friends and family.

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