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Are you trying to figure out how to make great YouTube videos? If yes, you should check out our helpful tips by clicking here.

YouTubers upload 400 hours of video to the platform every minute and 85% of views go to the top 3% of the most popular channels.

The only way to stand out is to learn how to make great YouTube videos. Continue to deliver quality content, and you could become the next most viewed channel.

Read our guide to find out how to make quality YouTube videos.

How To Make YouTube Videos

Before you can become a YouTube sensation, you must know how to make a video and upload it to the platform. The first step is gathering footage and audio. The next is editing it together to remove mistakes and create a quality finished product.

There are several editing programs available, and many are free. It may be worth investing in a paid option with more features if you want to upload regularly. YouTube accepts several formats, including MP4, AVI, and WMV. If your editor won’t export in any of the acceptable formats, use a video converter.

YouTube uses a 16:9 aspect ratio. Other sizes get cropped with black bars on the sides. Having the right size video helps your search engine optimization, making it easier for people to find your content.

Aim for videos that are 1080 or 1980p x 1080p. Use this free video resizer to keep your videos at the perfect aspect ratio. You’ll need a  YouTube channel to upload your video to. Create a personal channel to showcase your own content. Go to Youtube, attempt to upload or leave a comment, click the prompt asking you to create a channel, and follow the instructions.

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After you’ve created a personal channel, you can also create one for your business. Log in, go to your channel list, select Create New Channel, and fill out the details. Once you have a channel, go to it and press the Upload button. Make sure to carefully choose a title, keywords, and thumbnail.

YouTube Best Practices

There are several things to consider when deciding how to make a good YouTube video. The footage, art, and promotion all play a part. Before you shoot, plan. Make sure you have a quality script, the right locations, and the best equipment you can afford.

When you shoot, follow the basic rules of cinematography. Use the right angles, make sure to tell a compelling story, and edit carefully. The two most crucial moments in any video are the start and the end. Create a compelling introduction and ending. Don’t forget to include an end screen with related content to lead viewers from one video to another.

5-8 minute videos get the most views. Don’t include any footage or audio that doesn’t provide additional information and/or entertainment. Art, like videos, needs to be the right size. Aim for 2560 x 1440p for banners, 800 x 800p for profile pictures, and 1280 x 720p for thumbnails.

9 out of 10 of the most-viewed YouTube videos use a custom thumbnail. They must be unique and encourage viewers to watch. Ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe. Don’t forget to respond when they do. Be sure to promote your content on a blog, social media, or other platforms.

Aim for Quality, Not Perfection

Figuring out how to make great YouTube videos that viewers want to see is possible with a little knowledge.

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Create a channel, carefully plan each upload, and consistently deliver and promote quality videos. Focus on delivering content your viewers want to see. They’ll reward you with views and engagement.

Read the rest of our content and keep checking back for more information.

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