How to Make More Money through Your Blog By Dealing with Cheap Brands

I had to chuckle at this one.

I do receive a steady volume of requests from cheap brands to get featured on Blogging From Paradise.

Brands that pay up find me too; but today I wanted to focus on cheapie, bargain-basement, tight wad brands to give you a better idea of how to make more money through your blog by chatting with these folks.

Sometimes I like to have a little fun with these guys. In truth, I totally get how some people are on a budget, and how money is slowly metered out, as if the next Great Depression is around the corner. I do understand the budget thingee but also know how to profit from chatting with such individuals.

This Morning

This morning I quoted my sponsored post rate when chatting with the person who sent the above email.

I explicitly noted how my sponsored post rate is non-negotiable.

I bold this out, or I use quotes, or other symbols because of the sheer volume of cheap folks who ignore those words and try to barter with me, when my rates are fixed.

A few moments ago I received the response you see above.

The kindly women offered me a “reward” (more chuckling) of $100 which is a small percentage of my sponsored post rate. Of course, my non-negotiable sponsored post rate. No biggie though. If your mind and campaign is dominated by fear you tend to tune out larger dollar amounts, and heck, you completely ignore clear, basic, simple instructions, because fear is like that.

Anyway, on seeing the $100 reward (so happy that they would reward a guy who gave 10 years of his life to blogging, to develop a skill, and that they would be so generous!) I responded with a polite, fun-loving, clear email: my sponsored post rate is non-negotiable but I also offer an advertising option closer to the $100 dog treat I mean reward I mean negotiation offered.

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2 Ways to Make Money When Dealing with Cheapies

Having Posture Helps You Tune into Abundance

You make more money when you set premium rates and stick to those rates, as when you act abundantly, you tune into abundance.

How it works; when you emit an abundant vibe, folks who vibe from an energy of fear, scarcity and poverty will come along and test your clarity on your abundant stance. Basically, tire kickers will pop up to see that you, in fact, are clear on your premium pricing.

When you stick to your guns and do not negotiate, you send out an abundant vibe that aligns you with money, profitable ideas, wealthy people and all sorts of abundance. The outside mirrors your predominant inner vibe, or, you get what you are predominantly being.

This getting happens over time. The channels vary; maybe a successful person in your niche asks to interview you, or you receive a guest posting opportunity, or someone buys your course or eBook.

Have posture, act abundantly, and do not negotiate with broke people. Money will flow to you, or some rocking form of abundance, when you do not give in to fear.

Having Options Helps You Make More Money

Some posturing people are annoyed, or agitated, or outright pissed off, at receiving such emails, putting up a wall, not responding to the person or maybe insulting them outright in a nasty way.

This is a rigid, non-abundant way of doing things.

Although I do not budge on my premium pricing for the item in question – in this case it was a sponsored post – I do have other advertising options available to render useful service through which I make more money.

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I’d rather help them out and receive money as a professional blogger than ignore them, miss the opportunity to help them and miss the opportunity to profit too.

Of course, if this individual does not take me up on my offer more tailored to their needs, then we simply do not have a match and I let them go.

I can offer an advertising lite service with much less exposure than sponsored posts for 100 smackers but if you want to get on my blog for free, get on line behind the hundreds of folks who have patiently built a relationship with me over years.

Think Abundantly

If you want to think, and be more abundant as a blogger, to make more money, watch me discuss these 2 concepts.

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