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You want to get the word out and continue to get the word out as much as possible. This will help the dental practice continue to grow. The best way to do this is through a successful online marketing presence. Some of the things you can be doing are SEO, Facebook Ads, Google ads, and much more. Keep reading as the experts at Sleek Smile Studio explain how you can be marketing your dental practice in order to grow.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the Google ranking that your dental practice has on the web. When a potential patient Goggles dentists near them, you want your dental practice to appear near the top. This will mean more people are clicking on your website. Having a strong SEO strategy is critical when you are looking to have your dental practice grow. We recommend bringing someone on and watch your website get higher and higher as the months go on.

Social Media
You have probably heard that social media is important for your online presence. This is a place where people can learn more about your dental practice. It is a place where people can write reviews. It is a place where people can learn exactly what your business does. People also can be typing in dental practices near them directly on Facebook and learn about your company that way. It is a form of local SEO. Make sure that you have someone monitoring your social media accounts and posting on a regular basis. You also can talk about any specials or coupons you are offering on the page too.

Informative website
Your website is a place where you can talk more about your dental practice. You can go into detail about each of the services that you offer. You can have a blog and give informative tips. You can have a section that talks about the dentist and the different services that you offer. Your website should be exciting and always up-to-date. People look at this and want to learn about your dental practice and what you can do for them on your website. Try and list the insurances you take as well as any payment plans or specials that you offer. The more people can learn on your website, the easier it will be for you. You can also help the personality of your dental practice shine through your website.

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There are two main types of advertisements that you can be running online. These are Google advertisements and Facebook advertisements. These are very similar but at the same time completely different. A Google advertisement will be one of the first three places on Google. It’s great because you can get in front of your exact audience. You are bidding against other dental practices for a position. You won’t be charged unless someone clicks on your page. With Facebook advertisements, you can locate a specific zip code if you would like or a small city in general. You will casually appear on people’s timelines and again, only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Both have benefits and you want to play around with both to see which converts better for your dental practice.

Replying to comments and reviews
We want to note that you always want someone replying and commenting on different people if they are saying something or asking a question. If a review is left, it’s important that someone is in charge of either thanking that person for their kind review or trying to communicate with that person and make the review better and apologize for their experience. People like to see when they are reading reviews that the dental company is on top of it and takes responsibility for what is happening – good or bad. If someone has a question about the dental practice, for example, how much will this or that service cost? Do you accept my insurance? Having someone reply and let them know that your dental practice does accept it can earn you a quick new patient. If someone is not there to reply, the potential patient will take their services elsewhere and to your competitors. It will also leave them with a bad taste in their mouth about your dental practice.

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Hire someone
There are great agencies out there that can take care of your dental marketing needs. They will be able to narrow down that your dental practice should be doing and take over that task. This allows you to focus on what you do best and allows your business to continue growing in the right direction.

As you can see, online marketing is a big part of your dental practice. It can give you the advantage you are looking for to stand out against your competition. As long as you are doing great work inside the dental practice, your business will thrive and will have consistent people walking through your doors. You will become the known dental practice in your area and continue to grow. Doesn’t that sound great? We hope this article helped and you are on your way to a growing dental practice with new patients.


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