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When setting up any type of marketing it’s important you obtain maximum content ROI. This will ensure you are getting closer to your bottom line and are making money from your blog. However, many people have trouble maximizing their profits because they DON’T keep an eye on what matters. For example, you want to ensure your content resonates with your readers and they stay loyal. You also want to ensure that you can market your products effectively which in the end leads to massive profits. However, I’m surprised at the amount of people who still don’t know how to go from point A-B. With that said, here are a few things I learned about obtaining maximum ROI through my content.

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First, content must be competitive and MUST be of value outlining what people actually want to read. For example, I will NOT be able to obtain the type of ROI I want to if my content doesn’t resonate with readers. This means I have to do the right type of research and make sure my topics actually solve problems. Secondly, my content must be structured correctly so people can easily read my value. Many times I have left a website because the content was cluttered and hard to read. Third, optimized content is the way to go simply because you can obtain organic rankings which translates into enormous free traffic. Finally, you want to analyze everything so you can pull out enormous value going forward. This is why it’s important to have the right analytical tool embedded within your pages. This is NOT hard at all because you can easily use Google Analytics to help you gather all the information you need. With that said,

Let’s discuss each element further so you understand what you need to obtain positive ROI from your content.


When writing content, it’s important to take some time to conduct the right research. By doing this you are ensuring when writing you’ll put something together which resonates with your readers. For example, when you head over to a search engine your very particular about the kind of information you are looking for. This means whenever you arrive on a website, it’s important your questions are answered, and you find the value you are looking for. I’m surprised at the amount of people who are unable to obtain a high ROI simply because they DON’T know what readers are looking for. This is why you should always make sure you research your niche and different topics. There are a few ways you can do this going forward.

Google search – this is probably the best way because Google will provide you with the most searched keywords and phrases within the drop-down. Start with a target keyword and see what other popular related terms are brought up because this is a good indication of what keywords you should be focusing on going forward.

Google keyword Planner – an amazing tool and shows you clear search volume and competition. Start with your target keyword and move forward from there collecting other related keywords. Next, switch the trend dates so you can see how the keywords have been performing over the last several months. Choose keywords that have increased in search volume.

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Competition – one of the best ways to find out what content is creating a buzz online. Your competition has been around for a long time so has probably explored different topics. These topics will be great for you when you decide to sit down and write. It’s always good to explore the following:

  • Social shares
  • Comments
  • Trends
  • Page views

All of the factors are good indicators of the type of content or topics you should focus on going forward.


It’s important to know your audience because this way you can tweak your content to meet their demand. No pint in writing content for a group of people you know it won’t resonate with. If you have been around for several months, then you can go through the data you collected to find out more about your audience. However, if you are just starting out then focus in on your competition because they’ll tell you a lot about your competition. For example, they most likely will have the same audience as you so it’s important to focus on the same group of people.

Structure your Content

No point in writing awesome content is it’s impossible to read…right? Many people don’t give preference to structure however for me it’s always been very important. For example, I love to make sure my content is spaced, the font is perfect and easy to read. I also spend enormous time making sure NO distractions are in the way like banners or other ads. By tweaking the structure, I’ve essentially removed all clutter and created room for my readers to engage with my content. However, keep in mind this isn’t always the case and you’ll lose value readers if you DON’T know how to work on content layout. Here are a few things you always have to keep in mind when writing and publishing content.

Spacing – it’s important you have enough spacing because this will help with the clutter. I like to use spacing of 1.15-1.20 because this helps separate the words. With this type of structure, I can easy keep the reader’s attention.

Sub-headings – it’s very important to use the right sub-headings because this is a great way to organize your information. You can also use these headings to organize different sections and decorate them for indexing. For example, using H1, H2, etc. will help search engines understand your content better.

Layout – it’s important content reads easily so it’s important to have the side-bar on the right with content on left. Statistically this has been proven to convert better than any other type of layout. This also allows you to have a space for your banners and opt-in forms allowing you to NOT have them embedded within your content.

Optimize Your Content

No matter what type of content you write and when you decide to publish, it’s important your content is optimized correctly. This means you have the right keywords within the title, body and footer. However, it’s important to have the same target keywords within your meta data like URL, description and keywords. If you are using WordPress, it’s not going to be difficult because all you have to do is change the permalinks to represent the title of your blog. Next, towards the bottom of your content, you’ll be able to fill out the important information like meta tags and keywords. Make sure you install the all-in-one SEO plugin which will streamline the entire process. With that said, it’s important you follow a few very important things:

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Always focus on target keyword – It’s important to always pay close attention to your target keyword when setting your permalinks, etc. This will ensure consistency when going forward because it will show to search engines what clear phrases you are trying to focus on. With that said, by now you have a list of your keywords, so make sure you follow them as you go through each of them adding them to your content.

Stay relevant – I can’t tell you how much relevance matters these days especially with all the changes being made within the search algorithm. For example, relevance matters when building links, writing content, or even networking with other bloggers.

DON’T publish – it’s important NOT to publish until you have set your meta information correctly. This is very vital and can work against you if you choose to publish beforehand. Take your time and publish only when you have the right list of keywords and meta tags set up.


One of the best ways to obtain the highest ROI is by networking with the right people within your niche. For example, through networking I was able to attract enormous social shares, links, and traffic by having people help me out. I would publish content and ask others to share because of the value I have provided. I would also mention some of these bloggers names to help increase the likelihood of them sharing. Here’s a few tips when writing content to help increase the chances of you getting people to share.

Interviews – This is one of the best ways to get people to share your content. In one of my blogs I setup a section where I focus on authority bloggers and allow them to share links within my content. Once published, I would ask them to share on their social network which led to enormous social traffic.

Product review – many top bloggers have launched their own product so I would write a review and ask them to share afterwards. This allowed me to NOT only test the product for free, but also allowed me to reach out to them for a quick share or even a link back.

Final Thoughts

IN order for you to convert through content, you have to ensure it resonates with your readers. This means you have to show value, and make it very easy to read. You can also try a few tricks as outlined within this content like creating interviews, videos, or even writing product reviews. With that said, once you have put your content together, it’s time to publish with the right meta tags. However, as discussed in my final point, you want to make sure you are tracking the final response by looking at what works and what doesn’t. This can be done by installing Google Analytics which will tell you how people are reacting to your content.


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