How to Onboard Sales Reps for Success

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With any new job, the first 90 days are crucial. There’s so much information to learn and process, plus you’re meeting a new team and adapting to a new culture. It’s a stressful time in any industry.

Salespeople have the added responsibilities of understanding product or service details, the competitive environment, and sales processes—in a way that allows them to start selling successfully as quickly as possible. It can easily become overwhelming.

To keep new hires learning, adjusting, and moving toward their first sales, it’s important to thoughtfully structure their first 90 days in a way that sets them up for success. 

Sales onboarding is about making sure your rep is ready and confident to connect with your customers and start selling.

Check out the following infographic by sales readiness and enablement platform MindTickle to help you define this onboarding process in your own company and determine monthly goals to help encourage learning and reduce ramp-up times.


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