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Do you feel a bit shackled by having an employee mindset?

I did. For years.

Sometimes, if you have been an employee for years or even decades, the momentum of thinking, feeling and acting like an employee seems overwhelming in moments. How can you work for free, for years? You need to get paid for your work! You HAVE been getting paid for your work, for decades. Making this shift feels scary. But you need to make the shift if you ever plan to be an entrepreneur, a blogger.

First, buy my blogging mindset eBook:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

Then take these steps to think, feel and act like a blogger, not an employee.

Own Employee Tendencies

I just received a Paypal payment a few moments ago. A few days ago, I transferred another Paypal payment I received recently. Both payments arrived because I generously helped people, developed my skills and built my friend network. Neither payment arrived because I worked for 5 days per week. Employees expect payment for time worked. This is not the case as a blogger; money flows to you based on your skills and friend network; not hours worked. Own all employee thinking-feeling. Begin the process of shifting from long time employee to pro blogger.

Increase Mindset Work

You release employee tendencies by becoming fully aware of the fears you cling to regarding letting go employee ways to make room for blogging ways. This involves doing deep mindset work, following habits like meditating, doing yoga and taking time for serious introspection. My life changed the moment I dug deep and spend significant time daily working on my mindset. I had a tough time with thinking like an employee up until I became aware of these thought patterns, hugged the feelings and released many of my employee habits, for good.

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Spend time working on your mindset. Be diligent. Let go old ways of thinking, feeling and doing to become a successful blogger.

Be Patient with Yourself

I had zero entrepreneurial bones in my body 10 years ago when I chose to become a blogger. I only thought like an employee. Changing my employee ways required time, patience and compassion in dealing with myself. I firmly believed you get money based on a specific amount of time you worked, as employees do. How could I quickly and easily shift from that thinking to expecting to work months without receiving a penny? Impossible.

Be gentle and patient with yourself. Going from employee to entrepreneur takes time and mental vigilance.

Surround Yourself with Successful Entrepreneurs

Sue-Ann Bubacz is a highly successful blogger who has been a successful entrepreneur offline too. I have learned a great deal from her about building bonds and noting the small details of running a successful venture. Follow her. Learn from her. Leave your employee level thinking behind by immersing yourself in the wisdom of thriving entrepreneurs.

Lisa Sicard made a smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur, becoming a full time blogger recently. She embodies the entrepreneur mindset of creating immense value, networking tirelessly and building strong bonds with people.

Sue-Ann and Lisa are both pro’s pros; follow them, to learn from the best.

Please be gentle with yourself. We are all human. I have blogged for 10 years and still uncover employee tendencies on the regular, popping up in my silly mind. Follow your fun. Nudge into fear. Free yourself through blogging as you think less like an employee, and more like an owner.

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