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How to Post the Best Engagement Announcements on Social Media

Your significant other has finally popped that special question and you’re ready to tell the entire world on social media.

Getting engaged is an exciting time for you, your significant other, your family, as well as your friends. Telling your friends and family about your engagement on social media should be special and done exactly how you want to. 

Keep reading for our tips on how to post the best engagement announcements on social media. 

Candid Photos

If your significant other inlisted a friend to take photos during the proposal, then share those. These photos will be special to you for a long time. Your friends and family members will get to see how happy and excited you were at that moment. 

One tip is to make sure that you tell your most important people before telling anyone on social media. Your parents, close family members, and close friends should get a phone call first to let them know the good news if you can’t see them in person. 

Pose With the Ring

Everyone is going to want to see your wedding ring anyways so why not show it off? Especially if it is a super unique engagement ring like one of the beautiful rings from Emerald Engagement Rings, then everyone is going to want to see it. 

There are many different cute poses that you can do with your wedding ring. You can include your significant other and just take a portrait photo with the ring in view. Or even do a cute close-up photo with your ring.  

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Write a Cute Message

Your significant other went above and beyond to surprise you with a cute proposal and a super cute ring so you should write a message thanking them. Let everyone know how excited you are about the planning process and everything you have to look forward to.

You will be getting lots and lots of congratulatory messages so do your best to recognize each one. Saying thank you is a great way to be appreciative for everyone who loves and supports you. 

Don’t Share Too Much

In this day and age, we put a lot on social media but you don’t need to share too much right away. You will probably be getting tons and tons of questions about the wedding almost immediately, but you don’t need to post it all over social media. 

If certain friends and family members ask about what date you have in mind, then you’re more than welcome to tell them privately. But you don’t need to be answering tons and tons of questions on your engagement announcement post. After all, you’ll be sending save the dates and invitations in no time!

Best Engagement Announcements

When it comes to posting about your engagement on social media there are tons of ideas to choose from. Try to find the best engagement announcements that feel personal to you or your significant other and then go from there. 

Posting about your engagement should be fun and it’s great to surprise all of your friends and family members with special news. 

If you’re looking for more awesome social media tips, then make sure to bookmark our blog so you never miss a post. 

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