How to Prune Your Blogger Friend Network When Things Go South

Unless you’re a political or religion blogger you better avoid discussing either topic on your blog or through social media.

Virtually all human beings are awesome as little kids and remain awesome unless they are imprinted with fear-based, untrue ideas. We are light. We are love. I see this with my 2 year old niece.

But….and this is the big but……during our early years, parents, friends and the general public does its best to program us with fear-based beliefs. Religion and politics are the 2 most criminal offenders in this department.

My Early Childhood

I was raised in a conservative, Catholic home.

Nuns and priests taught me to forgive like Jesus and to be kind like Jesus. But in the same breath, these folks taught us we were not worthy, we were sinners (How?? I was a little kid!!??), how money was evil and how we had to pray for people from other religions, as said folks lost their way.

Needless to say, I had some deep fears instilled in me concerning folks subscribing to other religious beliefs and to money as well.

As for being around Republicans growing up, I dug the idea of self-reliance and the capitalist, entrepreneurial spirit. But in the same regard, there was a bit too much fear, anger and fighting being spread among the party as well.

After beginning to circle the globe I thought through a more liberal, Democratic approach. But many liberals seemed to think that some power outside of them would make their life OK, or that they were owed something, or entitled to something, independent of their contribution to society. That seemed a bit off to me.

I saw both parties as being way too filled with fear and endless fighting, and not enough with love, and ditched ’em.

I became 100% non-political, with zero interest in politics, because I never became fully clear – aka, clear on my stance, or, clear of fears – concerning politics. Ditto for religion.

Why Blogging and Politics or Religion Are a Bad Match (or Why You Shouldn’t Open Your Mouth on Each Topic)

Many phenomenal blogging teachers who are kind, compassionate and loving pull a Jekyl and Hyde act once politics or religion arises, due to their fear aka lack of clarity around each topic.

Someone is a brilliant, loving, fun, generous blogger for months. But the split second they discuss politics or religion, they become monsters, saying racist, homophobic or downright nasty things. Truth is; they are still the same innocent, fun-loving little kids who became imprinted by the fear-based prejudices of family, friends and society.

Unfortunately, few humans can see a phenomenal person who is in pain, masking the pain and fear by lashing out with angry, judgmental political or religious updates on social media or through their blogs. Meaning many of these well-meaning but fear-filled bloggers hurt their reputation and need to rebrand themselves or move on from blogs and businesses because they are always cursing out Donald Trump, fighting injustice with hate-filled comments (which is just as damaging as injustice, because responding to hate with hate divides even more), tussling with Democrats or Republicans or telling human beings they will go to hell unless they see the world as the judging person sees the world.

The majority of readers block these folks on social, stop reading their blogs and move on. Opportunity for service, lost. Growth potential greatly reduced.

Remember guys; true political or religious passion is void of fear and rudeness, and filled with compassion, where you discuss either topic in a detached, understanding, open and tolerant light. I have a handful of blogging buddies who discuss politics or religion from a more enlightened perspective so these chats do not hurt their blogs or brands at all.

I am a forgiving dude who has been through some trying situations and purged my fears over the years. I understand you cannot judge someone based on an update, nor can you deny someone’s blogging skills. Most folks however have fear and pain and grief in their hearts, so naturally, they either fight the politically or religiously charged blogger or cut them off forever. This is why it’s a bad idea to chat politics or religion; you likely lack clarity in each topic and most folks who lack clarity will fight ya or or forget about ya, hurting your blogging business and moving you into lower energy, fear-filled, less successful, happy and loving blogging circles.

I genuinely intend to see the best in everybody and understand we are all human, so let a lotta stuff slide. Most folks don’t take my viewpoint so of course, talking religion or politics when you are not fully clear means:

  • ruining your reputation
  • decreasing blog traffic
  • decreasing blogging profits

Don’t think of a political or religious rant as being someone’s true colors as much as the rant being fear and pain manifest, said fear and pain being unattractive to folks blogging mainly from love and fun.

I don’t chat politics or religion on my blog or through social media because both topics tend to divide by their very nature; grouping people according to their beliefs always does.

I try to embody love, harmony, inclusion and compassion, with an emphasis on being a leader who moves forward with folks who want to to commit fully to living their dreams through blogging.

I am about bringing the world together through sharing my blogging and traveling experiences.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim, I have love for you because we are all more alike than we know, and all more empowered than we ever dreamed we were.

Now doesn’t that sound awesome?

Sounds like a simple, fight-free way to become a successful blogger to me.

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