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Check out the home office view from New Zealand. I snapped this image earlier this afternoon.

Today as I bused from Auckland to Opotiki something really neat happened.

I read this post published by my friend Corey Hinde of The Good Oil Marketing:

Why Am I a Ryan Biddulph Super Fan?

I was pleasantly surprised at his generous post.

Do you want to know how small the world is?

I have know Corey for years, me living by NYC and he living in far off, exotic New Zealand, nearly 9,000 miles away from NYC. Yet the moment I saw this post in my Twitter feed I was likely 30-60 minutes away from his town in New Zealand.

Crazy, right?!

Corey did the most effective, powerful thing to do to catch my attention: he wrote a heartfelt, genuine post about me.

Much love to ya dude!

In truth, he’s had my attention for years.

He also clues you in to the power of making blogging friends. I consider him a great friend, appreciating all of the posts of mine he’s commented on and Liked and shared, as well as the eBooks of mine he’s bought and endorsed. He’s on my mind regularly because he is in my heart, as are all of my blogging buddies.

I am happy to mention Corey’s site and of course link to the post. I do so because that is what friends do for one another. Organic process. Spreading the love. He snares my attention by being incredibly generous and I am happy to mention him on Blogging Tips.

Many people will query “blogging tips” on Google today. This site will show up on page 1 of Google. Some readers will see Corey’s link and website. Some will click through. At the very least he gets increased exposure in front of a large, loyal blogging readership. A skilled marketer, a value provider deluxe and genuine, all around good dude getting more exposure can help grow his blog traffic and his marketing business.

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Of course I love helping my friends grow their businesses….they are my friends!

But how do bloggers become my friends? By snaring my attention. How do bloggers snare my attention? By being kind and genuine to me.

Corey provides a classic example through his generous actions over the years. This is why the guy has built a thriving business; he’s authentic and helpful.

How to Become Forgettable

Most bloggers do not take Corey’s genuine, heartfelt approach.

I get hundreds to thousands of pitches from bloggers who say: “Hey, help me out here!”

No authenticity. Not genuine. They are saying: “Yo you there! I am a struggling, desperate blogger so how much does it cost to get featured on Forbes! Or can you do it for free!”

I forget 100% of these bloggers immediately because versus doing things from the energy of love and fun and authenticity like Corey – the right way to do it – they do things from the energy of fear and scarcity and manipulation, allowing their fear of loss to goad them to do the stupid thing that ensures I forget them instantly.

A few minutes before writing this post I accepted a Facebook Messenger chat. The blogger sent me this message after a brief casual chat:

Screenshot 2018 03 23 at 11.56.54 PM

I have only been featured on Forbes as a digital nomad expert. I never published a post on Forbes. Yet people do zero homework on me, and after doing nothing for me to impress me, ask how much it costs to get featured on Forbes.

Delusional and quite insane, these folks never realize that Forbes ain’t for sale.

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How much does Forbes charge to land a feature? No money. Just 7 years of generously helping people and building bonds, working my way up the blogging ladder one generous act at a time.

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