How to Save on Holiday Spending

Holiday spending

During the holidays, many people search for ways to spend less and purchase more. In the quest for searching for the cheapest prices, many consumers drive endlessly around town—and in many instances, people end up spending more than intended for the holidays.

Here are a few tips to help you save money on your next holiday spending spree.

Create a plan for buying holiday gifts

Shop for gifts that are cheap in price but high on quality. Take time to save money by searching online retailers for great deals on gifts. Make it a point to compare prices by using Google and shopping comparison websites (e.g., to help locate other websites and stores that carry the same item.

Create a holiday spending budget. By setting a budget and sticking to it, the amount of money you save will increase. It is best to set aside money throughout the year to spend during the holidays.

Set price limits. Set a limit on how much a gift should cost and make sure everyone on your list knows about it. This will not only help to save you money, it also encourages others to do the same.

Do-it-yourself. If you can build, create, or decorate, try making your own gifts. The purpose of giving gifts is to show love and care. Homemade scrapbooks, albums, picture frames, or knitted scarves and gloves make great gifts.

Shopping for holiday gifts

Take advantage of coupons. Nowadays, excellent savings can be found from coupons printed in newspapers or direct mail, or sent to your email inbox. If you have favorite stores that you frequently visit, it may benefit to sign up for their newsletters. These stores may email coupons, send coupons to your cell phone, or give promotional codes.

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Look for free shipping. Begin researching online sites that offer free shipping two to three months before the holidays. lists product information, coupons, and sites offering free shipping.

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Watch for extra fees. When shopping for gifts online, make sure you do not forget about sales tax, shipping and handling, and other fees. The prices found online may seem like a great deal—until you notice the amount you are spending in fees. Make it a habit to read product descriptions thoroughly to ensure you are not paying extra.

Use reward points. Look for creative ways to use reward points. Most airline frequent-flier programs allow you to convert miles traveled into magazine subscriptions, dining certificates, or electronics specials. Check the benefits your credit cards offer to see if there are special deals or cash-back offers.

Buy in bulk. If you are shopping for a group of people, try buying everything in bulk. Discount warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club are perfect for shopping in bulk. Buying in bulk can make a huge difference in holiday savings. Wine, rice, bread, meats, and paper products are usually available in bulk.

Save on holiday traveling

Travel savings. Many people plan trips during the holidays. Sites like OrbitzTravelocity, and Expedia offer savings for hotel rooms, car rentals, and airfare travel. However, there are other places for you to find specials. Each website has different agreements with travel suppliers, so it pays to research all of them for the right price.

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