How to Shift from Confused to Clear Blogger

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Every blogger’s enemy.


Every blogger’s best friend.

Blogging gets easier for me every day because I do things mainly from a place of clarity versus from a place of confusion. I clearly take a few simple steps daily to have fun, to help folks and to build bonds which lead to pleasant outcomes. But I do not give much thought to outcomes. I am so busy with having fun, helping folks, being clear on my intent to follow my passion and on enjoying my life outside of blogging that I worry little about profits or traffic or list subscribers, because all of that stuff takes care of itself….when you are clear.

Confused Bloggers

Many bloggers are not clear. Most bloggers feel terribly confused. Confused because they have been doing the right things but see poor, frustrating results. Confused because they feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options for growing a successful blog, and hence, becoming prey to analysis paralysis. Being and feeling confused that success seems to elude them.

How do you go from confused to clear blogger?

Watch this video I filmed to get the secret behind making the shift from befuddled to brilliant blogger:

From my experience, making the shift from doing things primarily to make money toward doing things primarily because I had fun doing things helped me make the shift from confused to clear blogger.

Success found me easily because I focused less on getting and more on giving. I focused less on trying to squeeze money out of every interaction and more on how much fun I had helping people across a wide range of channels.

Creating the mindset of a successful blogger requires a strong shift from conditional giving toward predominantly blogging for fun. I chose to have fun blogging. Meaning I picked blogging activities that gave me the most blogging joy to work. Writing. Creating videos. Promoting other bloggers.

The confusion and befuddlement and anxiety I experienced were fear-based energies dependent on my lack of clarity. I feared wasting my time. I feared running out of money. I feared losing traffic. Fear manifested as confusion, and confusion handcuffed me. Confusion paralyzed me, goading me into inaction.

Fear = I Am Blogging To Get This = Confusion = Failure.

Love = I Am Blogging To Have Fun = Clarity = Success.

Make the quantum leap. Blog to give, mainly. Do not blog to get.

The confusion dissolves quickly after shifting from getting to giving because your predominant fear of loss dies. As the fear dies, so does confusion. Because you sapped confusion of its prime fuel: fear.

Once you follow your passion and blog mainly to have fun, clarity reigns in your being. Money making ideas seek you out, like a magnet. You spot reader problems with greater ease. You create helpful content to address reader problems through a wide range of channels.

Success makes a beeline for the clear blogger. But the clear blogger needs to transition from blogging mainly to make money to blogging mainly to have fun. This is a personal choice. Nobody can do this but you.


When you blog mainly to have fun you will give more easily, freely and unconditionally.

I share 1 secret to driving a high volume of traffic to your blog based on this idea of giving unconditionally.

I filmed this video in Granada, Nicagaua:

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