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Email Drip Campaign

Have you ever started out an email campaign for your business? Sent out emails like fliers to customers and potential customers to keep them updated about the latest updates? Email campaigns have been proven to grab the attention of many customers, be it new leads or customers-already. But the entire act of manual sending out handwritten emails to customers is something that is so time-consuming that many business owners tend to avoid it.

To make the business flow and skyrocket, in order to save time, and automate everything, you need a special tool that will support you on every email marketing step. Such tools are called email drip campaigns. And this is the topic of our article.

Why drip emails?

But as we said earlier sending out emails is a really vital task for the growth of any business. Be it catching the attention of customers who haven’t been involved with the latest campaigns or making potentially new ones aware of what you’re really about. Having a good and updated email list is just as important as being regular with the email updates. This is where a good email drip service comes into play.

To keep it short, drip emails are the emails sent automatically based on a pre-scheduling to the lists of leads and clients. They help you save time that goes into planning and sending out emails on a regular basis, instead, you just have to set everything up once and the service does the job on its own.

The main reason professionals tend to take advantage of such tools is the automation process and its time-saving feature.

The reason behind why we’re talking about email drip campaigns is because we found a perfect service that allows users to send out automated emails at the pre-defined time and triggers.

Features that make a winner

On the market, there are lots of automation tools. But we’ve collected some reasons why you should try and nothing else.

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Scheduling you’ve never seen before. With, you can easily set up the emails to be sent out to your specifications, be it the time you want them to go or the delay between two consecutive emails, everything is customizable and you have control over everything. You can forget about sending emails manually and trying to find out who of the recipients have opened the email and deserves to get another email from you. The tool checks everything on its own and does everything for you.

A set of templates that let you build emails faster than before. You don’t need to put on your thinking hat while setting up the automated emails, has a set of templates that allows users to quickly set up their emails and send them out to customers. Also, you can use the pre-designed email campaign templates kindly provided by the marketing team.

Custom set triggers and delays that you can use to make the emails feel more personalized. Do you ever receive those emails that tell you that you haven’t visited a certain website in a while? Yeah, well those are the results of using a good email drip campaign that allows you to set triggers for when customers don’t open or reply to the emails for a certain number of days and other situations. With, you can set up as many of these triggers and delays as you want and make the email sequence feel super-personalized.

How to set up a drip campaign using

Setting up the first email drip campaign might seem to be rocket science. But no, trust me, that’s not that complicated. With, it looks like this: you have a plain field and a few elements (Email, Trigger, Delay, and Goal); you drag-n-drop them into the field, draw a line between them to create a real working email sequence, compose an email in each Email element, and click the Start button.

There are some key elements you’ve got to keep in mind as well. Here they are.

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Get your email lists ready

If you already have a list of prospects, that’s great. You only have to upload it to the platform and start creating the email campaign. If you haven’t got leads yet, choose the email finder tool to get the first list of prospects (by the way, has an email finder, so you can use it as well). Also, you can make a list of prospects quickly using the domain search tool they have on their website. This tool allows you to add all the email addresses associated with a domain to the list.

Plan out your campaign

Probably the best part about using is how one can set up the drip campaign using flowcharts that visualize the entire process for you and make it so much easier to schedule everything you want from the drip campaign. You can set up custom delays between emails, add triggers for certain situations, and set delays.

Additionally, you can schedule the email sequence according to the local time zone of the recipients; you can use pre-composed email templates and try pre-designed campaign templates; you are allowed to save the emails as templates for the future use; add personalization variables; follow the statistics with every single detail on every sent email and every recipient with opens, clicks, and replies.

Here’s an example of an email campaign: it has all the elements in the sequence, all of them are logically connected, and, all in all, the campaign is ready for launching.

In conclusion

An automated email drip campaign can genuinely do wonders for your business, from bringing in new customers to keeping the old ones updated about the latest endeavors. The service will help you always be to the point with the emails and make your business successfully grow. One more thing why is the best choice: it is a really affordable all-in-one tool.

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