How to Stop Being Boring on Social Media

How to Stop Being Boring on Social Media

How to Stop Being Boring on Social Media

Are you having trouble gaining or keeping new followers?

Are you posting content but not getting much response?

Have you considered that you might be…boring?

If your posts aren’t getting the attention you desire, it might be that you’re not posting content that engages your audience. Social media writing is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect.

The good news is, social media platforms are a great place to practice and hone your skills. You can transform your page from a snoozefest to a trending topic in no time at all.

No one will even remember how boring you used to be!

Keep reading for tips on how to write social media posts that your audience can’t resist. 

Use Active Voice

Active voice is more engaging to readers.

Active voice is when the subject in your sentence performs the action described by the verb. Passive voice is when the subject is acted upon by the verb.

When the subject is in the driver’s seat, the sentence becomes more action oriented and is more relatable to your readers.

Don’t Make it All About You

You have a product or service to promote, we all get that.

Ironically, talking less about yourself helps make your content more interesting for your readers.

Putting your audience first and including them in your posts makes them more likely to feel included and engaged in your content.

Create Content to Share

The beauty of social media is the ability to have your followers act as marketers for you with the click of a “share” button.

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Social media users and influencers promote their own pages by sharing relatable and interesting content. By creating content that your own followers want to share, your content will reach massive audiences with little effort on your part. 

Use Visuals

Social media content is not all about written copy.

Visuals can compliment your posts, attract people to them, and they are highly sharable. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Center your content around an image or graphic and let it speak for itself. 

Create a Brand

One way to make your content more interesting is to create an identifiable brand.

Your brand is not just the logo associated with your business, it is the message you are sending and the way your audience feels about your mission.

Your brand is what makes you, you. Social media is a great way to develop and promote your brand and you can learn more from the HOTH.  

More Tips on Social Media Writing

Learning the trade of social media writing takes time and effort.

Social media is a new medium for advertisement and many are still getting the hang of it. There’s no shame in asking for help upping your social media game.

For more advice on making your social media content more engaging, check out the tools and tips section of our blog. 

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