How to Update or Remove My Amazon Reviews

How to Update or Remove My Amazon Reviews

Product rating is one of the main factors when it comes to selling on Amazon. An item with lots of positive reviews can encourage customers to trust a seller more. In its turn, a low rating will forward your buyers to another seller. That’s why both customers and Amazon sellers should be aware of how to edit Amazon reviews.

Today we will show you how to edit or remove your feedback. Also, we will explain to you how to see your Amazon reviews in the user’s profile using Sagemailer – Amazon feedback tool.

When do You Need to Edit Your Amazon Reviews? 

All Amazon customers sooner or later come up to the point when they need to edit their feedback. For example, if something goes wrong with an item after you already sent your feedback or an item broke after a short time of use.

Although most of the edited opinions are negative, there is a chance to change them.  Sellers should pay great attention to customer support and try to handle client’s issues at any cost. In such a case, buyers most likely reward them with a positive product rating.

How to See All My Reviews on Amazon?

Many new Amazon customers often ask the following question: “I am a newbie to Amazon, how can I see/edit/delete my reviews?”. The answer is pretty simple.

Here are the detailed Amazon instructions on how to edit or delete reviews.

How to Edit Your Amazon Review using a PC?

1. Open the Amazon website, choose the “Accounts & Lists” option.

2. Below the “Ordering and shopping preferences” panel, choose “Your Amazon profile.”

3. From there, view all your activity below “Community Activity.”

4. Find your Amazon review and click the “Options” button. There, you can either remove or update it.

How to Edit Your Amazon Review using a phone?

1. Launch Amazon application. 

2. Open the main menu and pick “Your Account.”

3. Tap “Profile” from the “Personalized Content” section.

4. There, in the “Community Activity,” you’ll see the complete list of your reviews. Find the review and tap the “Options” button. Choose “Delete ” or “Edit”. 

Editing Amazon reviews as a seller

Amazon does its best to ensure that the opinions it publishes are accurate and unbiased. If a product review doesn’t break any of Amazon’s rules, seller support will not remove it. This way, Amazon reduces rating manipulations and requesting the removal of feedback.

These guidelines seem too strict for Amazon sellers. However, there are still options to reduce the impact of lousy feedback or even get rid of it. 

How to Treat Your Customers to Reduce the Number of Negative Reviews? 

Reputation management can be tough. But in the end, it’s all about customer service. Excellent support can solve almost any client’s issue. Here are the golden rules of support that will help you to maintain the perfect reputation on Amazon:

  • Reply to your buyers as soon as possible. 
  • Do not respond aggressively and be polite.
  • Apologize for the client’s disappointment.
  • Provide a solution to the issue (refund, manual, useful tips, etc.)

This way, you can turn the client’s perception of the situation into a positive one. Satisfied clients most likely remove or update their feedback. However, sometimes clients might keep their negative feedback. But others who read it will notice that you care for your clients.

How to Delete Amazon Review?

In some cases, Amazon can deem a bad review as a breach of its rules. You may request Amazon to delete such reviews, and seller support can do so after examining them. Here are the signs of such violations:

  • The text includes competing Amazon or third-party seller’s prices.
  • Offensive material (provocations, harassment, etc.)
  • Remarks that aren’t related to the item (personal opinions about the seller)
  • Feedback left by a rivaling seller

Feel free to contact seller support to delete the review if it falls under one of these categories.


You can’t hide from criticism and unfavorable reviews.  It is an integral component of an Amazon seller’s career. Every seller should be ready to face this issue and deal with it. 

The thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid of negative feedback. A good FBA seller can always profit from the criticism. Moreover, it’s better to encourage your buyers to write reviews. It’ll help you to make outstanding products and improve your customer service.

If you manage to do it well, the positive reviews will outnumber negative ones! 

We hope this post will help you to improve your customer support. Good luck and good sales!

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