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409, technically.

I have written and published 409 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone.

I learned a neat lesson during this guest posting blitz; the more you share, the more you enjoy sharing.

Some bloggers fear writing 5 guest posts monthly.

I often write 5 guest posts daily because I have learned that if you practice a skill, you become more skilled in that area. Instead of burning out – fear-based energy most bloggers cling to – practicing from a place of love and fun makes you prolific.

I want to share how I wrote and published 400 guest posts on Blogging Tips so you too can become a prolific blogger.

1: Focus on Having Fun to Detach from Outcomes

I never dreamed I’d publish 400 guest posts on Blogging Tips.

I never set a goal based on any outcome.

My intent: have fun and don’t think about what I am getting from these guest posts.

Focus on having fun writing. Prolific writers churn out a high volume of quality content because they are not worried/concerned/anxious/fearful about any outcome attached to their creating.

Most bloggers struggle terribly in this department. They publish one guest post monthly and want a cookie. Meanwhile, since I care less about what I am getting from any guest post – to me, the work is the reward – I wrote and published 60-150 guest posts during that period, since I write and publish 2-5 guest posts daily.

Guest post for the joy of it. Keep doing what’s fun.

Detach from guest posting outcomes and become super prolific because you tend to seek out and do what feels fun to you.

2: Sit with Guest Posting Related Fears

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Sit with your guest posting related fears.

Said fears usually center on having writer’s block, fearing that you are wasting your time and the fear of rejection worms its way in there too.

I was scared to write and publish my first guest post here. 409 guest posts later, since I sat, embraced and felt these unpleasant fears, I write and publish guest posts almost like I am breathing, have written and published well over 1,000 guest posts online.

Sit with the fear. Feel the fear, however unpleasant the feelings. Dissolve the fears. Write for fun, predominantly, and become prolific.

3: Go Practical

Go practical.

Writing practical tips themed posts is an easy way to become a prolific guest poster.

As much as I love writing about my wild travel stories I would not have published 400 guest posts on Blogging Tips if I went that route.

Writing practical posts designed to help you learn how to drive blog traffic, comments and business allowed me to become prolific because step by step posts are simple and quite easy to write.

Solve practical problems in your niche. Write clear, simple, powerful posts persistently. No need to knock it out of the park with a 45 tips type post once a month.

Be persistent. Be consistent. Be prolific and create a viral online presence for yourself too.

4: Practice Writing 1,000 Words Daily in Private for Months

This is the work/practice/skills missing element from many blogging campaigns.

Most bloggers only write if they have a post to publish. Big mistake.

Imagine if Lebron James only played basketball during games? He would not be Lebron James. He would not have made his high school team.

Shine on a public stage by practicing your writing in private. Write 1000 words daily in a Word document. Delete the document after you are done practicing.

Follow this daily writing habit to gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice.

Be prolific by working on your writing skills daily.

I can write a 600 word blog post in 10-20 minutes now because I spent months writing daily in private.

Your Turn

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What tips can you add to this list?

How have you become a prolific guest blogger?



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