How Victor Smushkevich Used Free Traffic Methods To Build A Digital Marketing Empire

How Victor Smushkevich Used Free Traffic Methods To Build A Digital Marketing Empire

Victor Smushkevich, the founder of the company Street Smart Media, has achieved considerable success leveraging his understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build a highly profitable business. He has been working with this business for more than twelve years and built up a considerable portfolio of clients whom he has helped to reach the front page of Google results. Not only has he helped out smaller companies just starting out, but he has also taken on multinational corporations as clients too.

has figured out specific strategies for building webpages that cater
specifically to Google’s algorithms. When any user searches on Google, Google
runs a complicated process that finds the most relevant web pages to your
query. This is not a trivial task given the sheer volume of content on the web.
Smushkevich has developed a method for making sites that look particularly
appealing to Google when it runs that search algorithm to determine the results
that look most applicable to your query. In particular, Smushkevich has
developed a way of creating search engine-specific landing pages, pages on a
website that will be picked up by Google’s algorithm and processed as highly
relevant results.

services are so valuable given how frequently we all use Google when we want to
research a new topic. Given that most users do not scroll past the first page, any
pages buried deeper into Google’s search results typically get ignored. This
can have catastrophic effects for businesses of any level. Thus, by hiring
Smushkevich’s services, firms are able to achieve a competitive advantage over
their rivals by making sure that they appear earlier in Google’s results,
thereby facilitating further growth.

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There are several key components to Smuskevich’s strategy. First, making sure that your site has a custom URL—something along the lines of—will make your site much more attractive to Google’s algorithm. He also makes sure that your site contains the correct keywords for your business. For a business selling flowers, having keywords dealing with cars will cause its website to never appear for users searching for a flower on Google. Thus, by including the relevant keywords to your business, Smushkevich can help make a site become more popular to Google. In addition to choosing the right kinds of keywords, he also makes sure to use the keywords naturally, not stuff a lot of keywords right next to each other. This strategy has given him much success in improving sites’ standings in Google. Finally, Smushkevich makes sure that there are more sites on the web that link to a client. This metric is also a key part of Google’s algorithm.

of the most difficult parts of his job is to keep up with changes in Google’s
algorithm. Google publishes changes with some frequency and with little
fanfare, meaning that people in Smushkevich’s position need to be savvy enough
to know when changes do come and to be able to adapt to those tweaks. His
twelve years of experience are a testament to his ability to modify his SEO
strategies to Google’s changes.

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