Hughes Network Systems Offers Cyber Security Platform for SMBs and Franchises

Hughes Network Systems, LLC has introduced a new user-friendly network cybersecurity firewall solution for small businesses with more than one website. The new HughesON Secure Connectivity Services offers a plug-and-play router and is optimized for network security regardless of the broadband connection the small business uses.

Mike Tippets, vice president of Enterprise Marketing for Hughes Network Systems, says HughesON was designed to patch a vulnerable spot.

Sweet Spot

“Small businesses fall into a sweet spot for hackers because they typically have more digital assets to target than an individual consumer but have less security than a larger enterprise,” Tippet tells Small Business Trends. “According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 71 percent of breach victims are small businesses.”

HughesON also has a number of other features that allow smaller cybersecurity budgets to get enterprise grade coverage. It has 24/7 support which is great for small business owners who would rather leave catching online crooks to the pros while they chase profits and an optional 4G backup.

PCI Compliant Firewall

Another feature that stands out is the Payment Card Industry compliant firewall that stays connected to the Internet so small businesses accepting credit card payments are always covered. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the benchmark for all businesses that take money through credit cards.

Another big bonus is how easy this firewall is to get going.  Tippets explains:

“The customer chooses the firewall model they wish to use and orders it by calling a Hughes Sales Representative,” he says. “ When the firewall arrives, the customer connects the appliance (similar to a consumer WAP), plugs it in and turns it on. Depending on the model, the unit is pre-configured or self-configures to be online in minutes.”

The HughesON SCS is specifically designed for SMBs with up to 50 websites. Tippets also says this product is especially suited for smaller franchises, restaurants and retail stores.

No Tech Know How

There’s no real tech know how needed here either. The product integrates seamlessly with existing frameworks.

“The setup is less complicated than a consumer-grade Wi-Fi access point.”

One of the other big pluses is the HughesON SCS can help any small business to modernize their existing business tools.

“Regardless of the industry, businesses that want to move into Cloud services for POS, Back Office functions and other applications will require a proven, secure connection option to the Internet,” Tippets says.

“We believe that the simplicity of this offering opens up connectivity to Cloud services for a broad group of business owners who previously hesitated to make the transition due to security concerns.”

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) offers broadband satellite technology for both the home and office. Their American headquarters are in Germantown, Maryland. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) Visit and follow @HughesON on Twitter

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