Human-Centered Research | Confirmit

Human-Centered Research | Confirmit

Sitting behind a computer crunching numbers, identifying trends, finding insights – it can be hard to remember that those numbers represent the thoughts and opinions of real people. Those people, their opinions, and thoughts, however, are extremely important to your research.

Today, researchers and CX pros constantly struggle with low response rates, straightlining, and simply disengaged respondents. Perhaps, the ease with which we can forget that respondents are human is part of the problem.

Adopting a more human-centered approach, researchers are able to achieve better respondent engagement, higher response rates, and better insights.

In this webinar, Holly Carter, Director of Product Marketing discuss a variety of ways research companies can maximize the depth and quality of consumer feedback by adopting a human-centered approach and technologies that are designed to appeal to real people, including:


  • Designing surveys people actually enjoy taking
  • Collecting feedback and consumer data from websites
  • Leveraging mobile to collect feedback in real time
  • Making the most of beacon and location technologies to facilitate in-the-moment feedback
  • Gathering feedback from social media channels

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