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Take a chill pill guys.

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Creating content and relaxing is a simple way to see greater blogging success. Why? Power attracts and force negates.

Alonzo Pichardo is one of the best guys online for putting this concept into action. He publishes content and simply allows it to do what it does. Posture. Power. Instead of rushing around in fear, like a chicken with your head cut off, trying to promote a piece of content so people see it, fearing people cannot see it unless you promote the stuffing out of it, you publish, relax, and let your post echo.

Imagine sitting in a huge concert hall. Nobody there. Pure reverb. You speak a soft whisper, from an energy of relaxation, no tension, and the sound carries far and wide, amplified by the environment. This is the power of calmness. You did not need scream for your voice to carry. Nor did you need to sprint to 50 places in the concert hall to speak your message. You had posture, put yourself in the proper environment, whispered, and nature took care of the rest.

Imagine a still pond, totally undisturbed, spanning 50 miles wide. Now visualize dropping a tiny pebble into the pond. See how the waves carry forever? Again; this is the power of calmness, serenity and relaxation in action. Publish content. Cede control. Let the content do, what it does.

What About Heavy Promotion?

Does promoting posts heavily feel relaxing and peaceful to you? If yes, carry on. But 99.99% of bloggers I know feel:

  • stressed
  • worried
  • anxious
  • tense
  • petrified
  • fear-filled

if they do not promote a post after publishing a post. None of these energies are relaxation. All of these energies are tension and fear. Be honest. Be straight with yourself. Be clear with yourself. I had to be clear with myself to genuinely create and relax, being a control freak at times. Publishing a post and hitting Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share buttons allows the content to carry far and wide because my fear-tension-controlling does not lessen its reach, through my tension.

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Know Your Content Is Shareworthy Without Sharing It

Release the mental block that you need to share content for people to share it. People gladly share solid content if you allow the process to unfold. Most bloggers are anything but relaxed after publishing posts, never allowing the process of organic sharing to take root, because their fear and controlling nature mucks everything up. Guilty as charged for much of my online career; now I learned, finally, once and for all, that good content combined with my clarity and relaxation allows my content to carry far and wide.

Inside Out Game

Blogging is an inside out game. Most bloggers, within, are similar to a raging, hurricane-roiled ocean of fear and tension within…..pure chaos. If you dropped the Empire State Building into this maelstrom, nobody notices. But if you face, embrace and release deep fears, around controlling, deserving, worthiness and trust, you see something awesome happen; the hurricane-roiled waters gradually transition into that calm, still pond, I discussed earlier in the post, and dropping a tiny pebble creates waves traveling far and wide.

What About Lists and Social Media and Promotion?

If email list building, social media and heavy promotion feel relaxing to you, engage. But again, take away virtually all blogger’s lists, and we will see how relaxed these people are. Talk about fear! I know of seasoned marketers who feared losing 1 subscriber, let alone their entire list. This is not relaxation, but tension, and force, which negates, and eats into organic, natural traffic, that easily flows to calm, confident, poised, trusting bloggers.


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Guys; you need to be straight with yourself. I am not advising you to be a fully, 100% detached Blogging Buddha, not caring or being attached to anything. But largely, you should be totally relaxed and chill about email lists, social media, and the like, because if like most bloggers you fear you need lists and social media and heavy promotion, that tension destroys your relaxation, reduces your pure organic reach and dissolves much of your trust in self, and knowing of your success.

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You rock. Success is yours. Allow your helpful content to do what it does, carrying far and wide.

What About Blogging Buddies?

Make blogging buddies from a detached, fun loving, generous, relaxed energy but most of all, believe deeply in yourself and your success-promoting abilities. Friends help amplify your success but you often see that followers who find you via pure organic channels become your most loyal clients, customers and followers. Network but relax. Be calm, cool and collected. Stop fearing that you need someone or something outside of you to succeed. Friends are complements to your success but all success flows from within, as you trust the process and enjoy creating and connecting from a chill space.

Do Not Panic

Many bloggers nod at this post. Feels good, maintaining this energy/frame of mind, right? But after writing and publishing a post, a strong fear emerges; if you do not heavily promote the post, nobody will read it. Like all fears, this is 100% untrue, a complete lie. In this moment of deep fear and tension, you either panic and cave into the fear, rushing around in a resistant, tense, fear-filled promotion blitz, or you relax, allow the fear to pass, and understand what true posture and genuine organic traffic is all about.

Start believing in yourself and abilities. Seeing success and making buddies gets easier the more you believe in you.


Related blog posts and resources:

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