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Phebi is a leader in the emerging Voice Economy. Its one-of-a-kind technology improves people’s experiences and business’ results by voice-enabling market and survey research, e-commerce, business intelligence, and other applications.  A panel of expert judges was drawn to Phebi Insight—which makes it easy to voice-enable any survey—for its ability to deliver longer, richer answers and to detect emotion in responses.

I sat down for an interview with Mike Page, CEO of Phebi, to understand more about their story, their tech, and it’s potential applications for not just insights, but other business use cases.

Before diving into the interview, here is a bit more on their experience participating in the competition from their press release on their win:

“Consumers are adopting voice technology faster than any other technology, including smartphones. When applied to market and survey research, voice tech can deliver serious value with almost no additional effort,” said Mike Page, Phebi’s CEO. “Through beta testing and early project work we had already proven Phebi Insight’s ability to deliver longer, richer answers; to detect emotion and analyze sentiment; and to quickly and easily integrate with our partners’ existing survey software. These benefits, along with the near limitless market potential we see for Phebi Insight—which can be used by agencies, brands, panel companies and others involved in market and survey research—were what I aimed to convey in the competition.”

Mike Page was formerly Head of Operations at Synovate and Head of Research Technology at Research International. Mike’s previous MR tech business Cognicient was sold in 2014.

Richard Collins, Chief Customer Officer at Askia, an authorized Phebi Insight partner and reseller, added “We are excited to be adding Phebi Insight to our suite of services. With Phebi, we will be able to bring even more value to our clients while assisting them in joining the Voice Revolution.”

Benefits Highlighted in Phebi’s Winning Pitch:

• Richer Answers & Shorter Surveys: When people talk instead of type, they tend to give longer, more in-depth answers, especially on mobile. At the same time, because talking is six to 10 times faster than typing on mobile, total time spent by respondents is reduced.

• Emotion Detection & Sentiment Analysis: Phebi Insight can detect emotion in respondents’ voices, providing researchers with new levels of understanding only available via the combination of voice tech and AI. In addition to learning about each respondent’s tone and the emotion it conveys, Phebi also helps researchers understand the sentiment that the words respondents choose convey.

• Ease of Implementation: Phebi Insight acts as a seamless add-on to existing research platforms, enabling partners to take advantage of voice-enabled surveys without changing systems. With Phebi, people can choose whether to use their voice or type to respond.

Additional Highlights:

• Improved UX: Phebi Insight streamlines UX, making surveys easier and more enjoyable to complete, particularly on mobile devices.

• Higher Completion Rates: Improved UX leads to higher response rates and improved engagement which, in turn, saves time and money.

• Responsive Routing: Phebi Insight assigns spoken responses an emotion score. These scores can be used to determine which question is asked next.

• Decreased Fraud Risk: Phebi Insight’s underlying voice recognition technology can confirm respondents are genuine, help prevent fraud and reduce the effects bots can have on results.

• Improved Accessibility: Voice can make surveys available to more people, including those who aren’t able to read questions and type answers.

Based on our conversation, and the demo provided using the recording of the interview, I can safely say they were not just tooting their own horn; Phebi is the real deal and I see immense potential for their technology to add immense amounts of value to the research process. But don’t take my word for it; check out the interview below and decide for yourself!



The Phebi team offered to use our interview to provide an example of their analysis in action; here is a snippet showing the emotional analysis of the audio from our interview. Pretty cool stuff, and accurate based on my own recollection of how I was feeling during the conversation!



With video and audio being the primary mode of communication for much of the world right now, there is no better time to augment research with new analytical approaches like Phebi and others doing amazing work with unstructured data.

For more on features and benefits visit Phebi.AI  or to request a demo, contact Maggie Weinberg at +1 (917) 370-2220 or [email protected].

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