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5 steps to using a personalization program to increase online sales

Using the right process and the right tools for personalization is essential in making sure you achieve your conversion rate goals. Our team at Smart Insights has collaborated with the team at Monetate, creators of the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine, to create this practical infographic, detailing the key areas of focus for a fully optimized personalization programme.

The 5 personalization techniques

Using a strategic approach to personalization structure is imperative. The infographic recommends 5 personalization steps and a process to follow, for a successful personalization programme that increases online sales:

  1. Selecting goals most appropriate to your funnel stage – Selecting the right measure(s) is vital when looking at what part of the conversion funnel you are wanting to optimize.
  2. Apply testing optimization
  3. Segment for greater lift
  4. Apply 1:1 Machine Learning for individualized experiences
  5. Incorporate optimization, segmentation and 1:1 to achieve your goals






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