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These days, finding the perfect guy can be a major challenge. This is quite the case for us, K-drama fans, whose standards are on the level of our favorite dashing oppas on screen! There’s nothing wrong with having high standards, but finding The One could be tricky.

One of the Korean actors who play boyfriend roles is none other than Park Seo Joon. But in case you didn’t know, he’s actually a true leading man IRL! Since his entertainment debut in Bang Yong-guk’s single “I Remember,” the 30-year-old actor has been fighting his way into our hearts with his oozing appeal that has given him the title “Nation’s Boyfriend.” Well, we can’t blame Korea because he’s the complete package!

There’s no wonder why everybody just can’t get enough of him, including us! So without further ado, let’s check out the reasons why it’s hard not to fall in love with Park Seo Joon! 

1. He’s an absolute gentleman.

From Kim Ji Won to Park Min Young, Seo Joon has always been a gentleman towards the people he works with! During the peak of his drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, tvN released a behind-the-scenes clip of him with his co-star Min Young where he’s using his hand to block the sunlight from her face. This caught everyone’s attention, and we found out that this wasn’t the first time the actor has done this gentlemanly move. He also did the same thing for former co-stars Kim Ji Won and Go Ara!

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2. He has a dashing fashion sense. 

Of course, most girls are attracted to guys who put effort on their looks. That’s why when the news came out that Seo Joon is the first ever Asian male model to become the face of the American fashion house Tommy Hilfiger last Feb 2017, fans were not surprised since he has always looked swoon-worthy style-wise. If you need proof, just check out his Instagram posts and airport looks where he usually shows off his taste in fashion with comfortable yet polished pieces. His impressively coordinated OOTDs perfectly flatters his well-toned figure!

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3. He’s an incredible singer.

With all the K-dramas that we’ve watched where Seo Joon is the lead guy, we can confirm that this guy is an outstanding actor. But what may come as a surprise for most of you is the fact that he can also sing! From A Witch’s Love‘s “Come To My Heart” to Hwarang‘s “Our Tears,” this guy is a true multi-talented star. His vocals are just as sweet and calming as his personality, that’s why we couldn’t help but get jealz over the girl he’s going to serenade someday!  

4. He’s family-oriented.

Born as the eldest son with two younger brothers, Seo Joon has always given oppa and hyung vibes. Aside from being a big bro, he’s also a sweet samchun to his younger brother’s daughter who’s so comfortable around him and actually recognizes him on TV. Just imagining him playing with kids instantly makes him ten times more attractive in our eyes! With his warm and caring personality, he’s certainly going to be a good husband and a cool dad, and we’re totally excited to see that! 

5. He’s good friends with most of the people he worked with.

Although he claims that he’s an introvert, Seo Joon actually has an approachable personality. This actor has become so popular in the showbiz world because he has a long list of celebrity friends! Starting off with his two best buds Park Hyung Sik and BTS’ V who he had met in the set of Hwarang, these three have always shown a huge amount of support towards each other and even started their own squad!

With all the lovable traits he has, Seo Joon still remains humble despite the constant praises he gets. He even shared in an interview that he couldn’t understand why international fans think he’s handsome. Based on his perspective, his face is plain which is completely absurd, right? Seo Joon may have his own flaws, but it’s really hard to find anything wrong with this guy because he just keeps on proving day by day that we made the right decision to stan him!

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