In the News: Lemonade Laws Freeing Kids from Red Tape Nationwide

It’s the start of summer and that means thousands of seasonal businesses across the country finally get to open their doors to customers again.

But it also means that authorities in communities across this country may be issuing citations that stomp out the entrepreneurial spirit in those most vulnerable of all summer entrepreneurs. We’re talking about kids running lemonade stands.

But not in Texas!

Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signed a law that made it against the law to shut down a lemonade stand run by kids in the state. Now, the bill officially doesn’t go into law until the end of this summer but it’s unlikely you’ll see any Texas children getting their stands shut down because they didn’t get a permit.

The Texas law started a nationwide trend that picked up on a 2018 campaign funded by CountryTime Lemonade to pay the legal fees for any kid who did get their lemonade stand shut down.

Here’s hoping that more kids discover an entrepreneurial spirit because of these changes and that it’s a productive and profitable summer for them. Don’t forget to check out our recent tips for kids starting lemonade stands!

And also, be sure to read the rest of this week’s headlines in our small business news roundup:


Accept Secure Payments from your Clients, It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

You’ve done the job and now you’re itching to get paid — not so fast. In the scurry to get paid it’s important that you still remember some basics about secure payment. Fraud is rampant online and it pays to be safer than sorry.


Cracking the Code on Cutting Costs and Increasing Profitability as a Solopreneur

Solopreneurship is about as small as a small business gets. As a solopreneur, you don’t just run an entire business, you are the business. This means you are the CEO, accountant, manager, marketer, and what have you. Or, simply put, you wear all the hats. Sounds scaringly good, right? The probability of success, however, won’t sound very promising.

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Marketing Tips

71% of Customers Use Ecommerce Apps for Price Checking

The overall ecommerce sales are increasingly coming from mobile devices. In 2018 it was 40% of the total sales, and by 2021 it is expected to jump to 54%. For businesses that develop ecommerce apps, it means they are better positioned to address this growth. However, it is going to take more than coupons and discounts to keep your customers hooked on your app.

61% of Ecommerce Sites Have Product Images That Disappoint Customers

Consumers base their decision to make an online purchase on many different factors. And according to a survey by, images play a big role. Close to two thirds or 61% said insufficient or poor-quality product imagery is a deterrent. Considering a product image may be the first time a consumer sees the item; the survey result is not surprising.

Huh? Caterpillar Battling Small Coffee Shop Over Use of the Word “Cat”

When a multi-national corporation generating $54 billion (2018) goes after small business owners scratching out $150,000 for trademark infringement, it makes you wonder. This is the case being played out between Caterpillar (the multi-national) and Cat & Cloud (the small business).

Small Biz Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Two Blind Brothers Brand Fights Retinal Disease with Retail

Would you ever consider shopping blind? That’s what Two Blind Brothers asks of its customers. The company sells clothing. But its main mission is to raise money and awareness for retinal eye disease, a cause that’s close to the heart for both of the company’s co-founders. Read more about their journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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Small Business Operations

83% of Remote Employees Want At Least a Little Time in the Office

When a company allows its workforce to work remotely, it benefits both parties. It gives the employee the flexibility they need to achieve a work/life balance. And the company saves on costs which go into having an employee on premises. But according to a new report from Clutch, a large percentage of employees (83%) want at least some office time.

Social Media

43% of Millennial Small Business Owners Plan to Invest More in Instagram Marketing

Social media marketing has become a valuable tool for small business owners. But the platforms they prioritize depends on their age. When it comes to Instagram, 43% of millennials say they plan to increase their investment on the platform. The number goes down to 25% for Gen Xers.


Only 56% of Small Business Owners Have a College Degree, Down From Previous Years

Digital technology is disrupting almost everything, which includes education. According to the self employment statistics in FreshBooks’ 2019 Self-Employment in America Report, college education is becoming less of a prerequisite. The percentage of self-employed professionals with college degrees has decreased considerably in the last couple years.


Foster Entrepreneurship in Your Kids, Start a Lemonade Stand with These Tips

Entrepreneurship can start early. One of the most popular ways to nurture a business mind in kids is to open a neighborhood lemonade stand. This can teach important lessons about hard work, responsibility and taking initiative. In fact, some enterprising kids have even used a lemonade stand to spur more ambitious business ventures.


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