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Mission To Market, an SEO company based in Carmel, Indiana, has announced the promotion of Devin Johnson from Director of Strategic Growth to President of Sales. He has been with the agency since 2018 and has help the company in increasing its strategic white label partnerships with other media agencies. In these partnerships, the agency does content marketing, Google My Business, SEO, Facebook ads, and more.

According to the Indianapolis SEO company founder, Stephen Twomey, “Devin has shown incredible leadership and we could not be more pleased to promote him within his new role at the company.” He continues, “We are a full service digital marketing agency that can manage all aspects of your company’s online presence. We have various departments which focus on areas of design, website development, content creation, social media management, paid advertising, SEO, GMB and SEM.”

According to Stephen Twomey, the company was established on the concept that every business requires a high level strategic and tactical expertise to know how to market themselves in today’s digital marketing landscape. They are capable of working with businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive menu of services that offer solutions that are appropriate for the business’ niche. Their core strengths are their: digital strategy, creativity, search engine optimization, social ads, web design, and content development.

With regards to digital strategy, the recommended approach by Mission To Market is benchmarking to compare where the business is currently standing and evaluate the potential against where the business needs to be in the future. This requires a clear strategic plan to ensure that the business objectives can be accomplished to gain new customers and new business and boosting relationships with current customers.

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In determining the SEO strategy for the business, according to Stephen Twomey, it is important to know the kind of business that the client has, whether it is a brick and mortar location, an e-commerce company, or a national brand with several locations. Understanding how the client’s customers and prospects purchase a product or service is also essentially important. This will ensure the digital marketing agency to recommend SEO practices that can truly create a customized methodology that can lead to excellent results online. SEO offers one of the most powerful marketing advantages because the major search engines choose which sites will rank high in their search results.

Web design is another key service offered by Mission To Market. This has the goal of creating a web destination that will convert visitors into customers. This requires a highly accurate visual portrayal of the company’s brand identity, which is a catalyst for business growth. As such, the digital marketing agency will design and implement creative strategies that will result in intuitive interactions with customers that will result into key engagements leading to conversions based on the company’s objectives.

Another important pillar of the digital marketing agency’s services is social advertising. From YouTube ads and Google ads to retargeting visitors across Instagram, Facebook and running lead generation campaigns, they are able to help clients grow and engage their audience across multiple platforms. This is made possible by designing, implementing, and managing an ad campaign strategy that will drive new targeted visitors as well as retargeted visitors to the website.

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And finally, there is content development, which is aimed at creating premium digital assets that enhance the brand and encourages engagement, social sharing, and advocacy. Providing consistently premium content for the client’s target audience requires careful research, writing, editing, publishing, and distributing.

Mission To Market was founded by Cody Harvey and Stephen Twomey in November 2017 to offer digital marketing services for businesses in the Indianapolis area. Their offices are found in Carmel, which is a suburban city on the northern edge of Indianapolis. They also have locations in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, and Traverse City. Those who would like to learn more about the SEO services provided by Mission To Market can visit their website or contact them by phone or by email.


For more information about Mission To Market, contact the company here:

Mission To Market
Cody Harvey
[email protected]
Mission To Market
13232 Old Meridian St # 201
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 316-0404

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