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Rank Harvest, LLC, officially launched as San Diego’s premier search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing agency bringing a legacy of big-brand strategies to businesses of all size.  Owner and Principal SEO Architect Michael Chagala brings nearly 20 years’ consulting experience having worked with brands such as Sony, AIG and the NFL.

“Fortune 500 brands use highly effective SEO and digital marketing strategies smaller brands don’t have access to,” says Michael, “I helped develop some of these strategies and found ways to make them affordable to small and mid-sized businesses.”  Although many of Rank Harvest’s techniques for ranking websites in Google are proprietary, Michael says the core of their strategy is to handle each website as a custom project.

Search engine rank has become increasingly critical to businesses as more and more people continue to turn to the internet to research products, check reviews, and make purchases.  For many industries, being ranked on Google’s page 1 is a matter of survival. The volume of e-commerce and exchange that traverses the internet numbers in the trillions each year and rising steadily.

Michael’s credentials include:

  • Former executive at one of the 10 largest renewable energy companies in California
  • Finalist for San Diego Top Tech Exec 2015
  • San Diego Business Journal Information Technology Executive of the Year Award, 2013
  • Featured in Forbes, Wired, Greentech, NYT, UT… for innovative work with Google Glass
  • Speaker at the Solar Focus 2014 conference, on business workflow software

Rank Harvest is a premium search engine optimization agency specializing in driving traffic to corporate and enterprise-level brands. They are a registered LLC in the State of California headquartered in San Diego.

Why a Good Digital Marketing Agency Matters?

According to Michael, a great digital marketing agency is an asset for any business. He points out that a business looking to improve its sales and revenues can collaborate with a high performing digital marketing agency.

He also points out that businesses looking to make the transition towards search and social can benefit immensely. Whether it is Ecommerce or using data technology to further KPIs, a sound digital marketing agency of experts can help realise any business goal. 

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