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Looking forward to start guest posting for your business but don’t know what are the initial steps to start with? Read on and you will get the complete idea. If you think guest posting is not your cup of tea and if that’s what is pulling you back from doing it for any reason, no need to worry as you can work with guest post services to get the guest posting blogs written as per your requirements and also they will assist you in the complete process.

Let’s now have a look at the overall initial process to start with guest posting. 

1. Find out Relevant Guest Posting Websites

Firstly, you need to find out relevant guest posting websites relevant to your niche. You need to use the phrase: “Your niche” + “Guest posting opportunities” and search on Google. Let’s say, your niche is the food industry, you need to search “Food industry guest posting opportunities”. You can replace the later part with other keywords like guest blogging opportunities, guest blogging, etc.

You will get a list of different websites where you can publish your guest posts. Another way to find guest posting websites is to connect with top bloggers and connections of your niche and ask them if they know of any potential opportunities to guest post on.

Now, you need to thoroughly check each website that you found for different parameters and filter out them to select a few good websites matching your requirements. Let’s check the next step for the parameters to look up.

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2. Filter Websites Based on Several Parameters

There are several parameters that you need to check to pick good websites. First is the domain rating of the website. There are free tools available where you can check the domain rating of the website. It should be more than 25. Don’t go for websites with a DA below that.

Second, you need to check the taste of the audience on the website and see whether you will be able to meet their expectations or not. Check if the website is having a big audience or not. Go for websites where the audience strength is big otherwise, you will reach very few new people and your guest posting efforts will go in vain.

Check the terms and conditions of the website, guest posting requirements and see if it matches your expectations. Check the already published guest posting blogs and decide if you can come up with new topics to serve quality information to the readers.

Narrow down the website list and pick a few good websites that match what you are looking for to be an ideal guest posting website.

3. Send a Pitch

Now, you need to send a pitch to the websites that you have finalized after the previous step. Pitch is a kind of introduction with a message showing your interest in writing guest post articles on their website.

The things that you need to include in your pitch are: information about you and your business, why you want to work with them? How you can serve quality content to their audience? Any topics that have you thought of writing an article on, attach your sample writings (it is a must to attach).

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Make sure your pitch is unique, personalized, and interesting to read. The website owners will be receiving tons of such pitches on a daily basis so you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

You can work with professionalguest post services to get unique pitches created with their expertise.

After you are selected by any website for guest posting, you just need to start your guest posting journey and write quality content for your readers. Keep in mind to be consistent in publishing 1-2 posts a week initially to be in the reader’s attention and keep interacting with the audience in your blog comments so they can connect with you more. That’s it! There was an overview of how to start with guest posting. Start asap and leverage the benefits of guest posting to grow your business. If you think you won’t be getting enough time to write guest blogs on your own or don’t have the skills to do so, work with a proficient guest post service and use their expertise to get quality guest blogs written as per your needs.

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