Instavast Review: How Automation Speeds Up Instagram Growth

Instavast Review: How Automation Speeds Up Instagram Growth

Instavast Review: How Automation Speeds Up Instagram Growth

Since the first time it was released, Instagram turned to the main marketing platform for many. This rapid blooming has made many users look for the fastest way to multiply their audience, get their attention and engage with them.

Instagram automation tools have become many people’s first option to rapidly grow their business. But why should Instagrammers use automation tools? How do they work? Are they safe? and Which one is the best? These are a few questions you should consider before using these tools. Here, we would answer these questions and give a comprehensive review of Instavast as one of the known automation tools on the market. This Instavast review would make it easier for you to decide if it is worth using or not and how to use it properly if needed.

Read along to get the most out of your Instagram presence. Reviewing its handy options, Instavast became our number one option, already helping many accounts to grow. Whether you own a business page through which you want to increase your brand awareness and sale or you are an influencer seeking to gain more paid partnership, Instavast will definitely help you, too.

What is an Instagram bot?

Instagram bots are third-party tools automating all your activities on this platform which otherwise you should do manually. Using bots, you can automate your interaction with others and make it more targeted. It includes following other users, liking their posts, leaving comments, and viewing their stories.

Instavast, as a great automation tool, presents smart targeting options. It engages with other users based on desired locations, hashtags and competitor pages.

Why do you need to use an Instagram bot?

You may already know that whether you are a big company or an influencer, you need followers. And not just followers, you need their engagement as well, i.e. like, comment, share, and message.

Increasing the number of followers and their engagement are bound together in the new Instagram algorithm. As long as your followers engage with your page, your posts appear to more and more people. A fact which may help you to get even more followers if you have quality contents.

However, increasing the number of your followers would not be easy at all. It needs more than sharing quality contents. Though your growth rate may seem good at first, you may feel stuck in the same place for a while. This is why it’s necessary to interact with other users. You should get their attention and make them aware of your business.

Yes, you can do it yourself. In fact, performing all these tasks by yourself is a money saving option but very time-consuming and confusing as well. Having lots of tasks, updating your page and engaging with others are the last things you think about. By the way, if you are going to do it yourself, be patient.

On the other hand, buying followers is easy and appealing to many people. Though it may seem great in terms of your page’s follower counts, its disadvantages are more in the long run.

These types of followers are mostly fake accounts so they would not engage with your posts. And consequently, they would decrease your page’s engagement rate. An important issue which would make your posts disappear on the feed of your current followers as well.

There are also other approaches like influencer marketing which is very effective but very expensive as well. Hiring an IG assistant would be good too if he or she would not perform the same actions a bot would do with lower prices.

Here is when you need to use a trustworthy automation tool. Instavast provides all the services you need to grow with competitive prices. A budget-friendly automation tool, Instavast performs all its actions when you are away. Helping you reach more and more Instagram users, it will finally help you to get lots of real, active followers. Continue reading our Instavast review to find out how it works and why we are recommending Instavast.

How does Instavast work?

While there are many automation tools out there and many new ones are popping up every now and then, most of them lag behind in doing what they boast about. Instavast is one of the few ones which have provided all the functions it has mentioned on its website.

Instavast Instagram bot, a cloud-based app, automatically interact with your target audience. Using this tool, you can maintain your Instagram presence all the time even when you are offline.

You need to create an Instavast account and specify the initial settings. Stimulating human-like activities, the bot would engage with the audience considering all the filters you have defined.

It gives you plenty of options which make your Instagram marketing campaigns more focused. You can target the audience by defining specific hashtags, locations, and accounts or even directly making a custom list. Also, use filters in the Instavast dashboard to be on the mark in your marketing campaign. These filters are so accurate that will narrow down the list of your audiences so be careful in using them.

Is it safe to use Instavast?

The Instavast dashboard is easy and straightforward to use. But, considering the fact that bots have not gained good reputations in recent years, you may be still concerned about using it.

Don’t worry! The team has relieved its clients’ concern by setting default limits for each function. These thresholds adhere to Instagram limits. Not only used in its bot, Instavast considers Instagram limits in its auto direct message as well.

One of the most important features which make Instavast stands apart from its competitors is the unique proxy services they offer to make your use even safer. They have provided different kinds of proxies to avoid any problem with Instagram. Choose one of them considering your needs.

Finally, though Instavast provides around-the-clock automated services, it is better to turn on the bot’s night pause. As you can see in their dashboard, they have provided the option in their settings. It would make your activity more human-like and safe. To tell the truth, service-providers boasting a 24/7 performance are putting you at the risk of being banned by Instagram.

Instavast Review: is it trustworthy?

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of automation tools, offering one or all the services Instavast provides. Here are the reasons why we have considered Instavast as one of the best automation tools.

  • Full automation: while other bots automate a few actions e.g. follow and like, Instavast automates all Instagram functions. It is more than an Instagram bot. It is an all-inclusive tool through which you can run Instagram marketing campaigns.
  • Real and active followers: our experience with other services showed that gaining a large number of followers in a very limited time is a sign of having fake followers. Instavast, on the hand, guarantees to get real followers who are interested in your niche. How? By keeping your Instagram activities in the best speed and engaging with lots of users,
  • Advanced targeting: besides targeting your desired audience with hashtags, locations, other accounts, and custom lists, Instavast provides smart filters. They narrow down your search for new followers and make it more fruitful.
  • Privacy policy: Instavast has a strict privacy policy to protect its clients’ information. Your information would be safe when registering to use the services.
  • Considering Instagram Limits: Instavast would not violate Instagram limits. This would prevent your account from getting banned by Instagram if you don’t make a dramatic change in the default values.
  • 3-days free trial: the free trial gives you enough time to test all its functions. So you can decide whether you want to buy their services and which one fits your needs. However, reasonable prices make the choice even easier.
  • Budget-friendly prices: the affordable prices are one of the features Instavast team is proud of talking about. While others provide the same or even limited options with much higher prices, Instavast prices justify its popularity among Instagram users.
  • Cloud-based: offering a cloud app, there is no need to download and install any application on your phone or PC. Unlike web-based services for which your browser should be always open, Instavast works even when you are not online.
  • Reports and analytics: defining targets to increase your followers, Instavast gives you real-time reports on their performance. This is especially helpful if you want to modify your targets or delete unsuccessful ones.
  • Unlimited accounts: add as many Instagram account as you want in your Instavast account. There is no limitation and you can see all of them in a single dashboard.
  • Support: the website has a very good support team, ready to solve any problem which you may encounter. They would answer your questions in a timely manner.
  • Comprehensive FAQ: besides its responsive support team, Instavast has an all-inclusive FAQ page. You can find the answer to most of your questions on this page.
  • User-friendly dashboard: it just takes a few minutes for you to modify all the necessary settings. All you need are presented in a simple dashboard. You can also find a comprehensive guide on the website which helps you go through every step.

To complete our Instavast review, we should also mention the cons of using the bot. Here are some of the experiences we feel obliged to include in our review of Instavast.

  • You cannot expect to gain lots of followers when you have a new-born page with no content. In fact, you should wait till you gain a few followers and engage with them, then you can use the bot. Also, the Fast speed would be useful after a few weeks of using Low and Normal speeds.
  • When using Instavast or any other bot, it is better not to like and follow others manually. It may cause your activities to get banned for a while.
  • Use auto-comment with more discretion. Write comments which may apply to most posts. We even recommendation turning off the auto-comment option for some targets if you are not still sure how to use it.
  • Do not hasten to interact with all the people out there. Target the right audience by accurately defining your bot’s settings. Abnormal activities may result in their mistrust of your account.

What other tools Instavast offer to help with your Instagram marketing?

Though Instavast Instagram bot, as an alternative to Instagress, is an important tool for your Instagram growth, Instavast has provided other services which are equally useful. Instavast offers Post Scheduler, Comment Tracker, Auto Direct Message, Like and Video View beside its Instagram Bot services.

You can schedule your posts for the future using Post Scheduler. Upload edited photos or use the filters provided by Instavast. Then write a proper caption and schedule the post for the desired times. This service also lets you upload as many photos as you want to be edited later.

Using Instavast’s Comment Tracker, you can see all the comments your posts receive in a single dashboard. Manage them by marking important ones, replying them or deleting the spammy ones.

Sometimes you need likes and views for your posts in the time of publishing them to make sure that they appear on the feed of your followers. Instavast provides this option as well. It sells likes and video views for your published or scheduled posts.

The last but not the least is Instavast’s Auto Direct Message service. Auto DM lets you send direct messages in bulk to the desired audience. It is a great option for welcome messages, special offers, and discounts.   

Instavast also offers free tools like Hashtag Generator, Banned Hashtags, and Local Proxy App. These tools also help a lot in your Instagram marketing campaign. But, we didn’t include them in our Instavast review as they are beyond the scope of this article.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Instavast performs all Instagram interactions like a human so you cannot expect to gain lots of followers overnight. This is, in fact, a wrong promise if any other bot claims it and the followers they bring you are fake followers for sure.

Yet, it will grow your followers, profile visits, likes, and comments increasingly. Have quality contents and define proper targets for your growth plan, that’s it. Considering all the features mentioned in our review of Instavast, we highly recommend it as one of the best Instagram automation tools available now.


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