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Quality content writing will get website backlinks and a better position in search results.  If a website has low-quality content, building a lot of backlinks won’t fix the problem. Now that Google is equipped with Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers aka Google Bert and the other algorithms, good content will result in getting more website traffic and sales. offers quality multilingual SEO and multilingual content writing in Nordic languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic languages.

This International SEO company has been around since 2009 and worked on many projects related to travel, software development, startup eCommerce business, App marketing, clothing dental clinics, plastic surgery, hotel business, and real estate companies.

“We have researched, tested, and proven that our Link Wheel SEO Norway service is the best in the business. We create 100% manual one-way backlinks to your website through a series of intricate link building tasks. Each campaign we work is researched and strategically outlined based on your online goals, your business and industry, and the audience you want to target. We stay up to date on industry standards and changes to acceptable SEO practices. Protect your SEO campaign from algorithm updates. Hire Link Wheel SEO Norway experts to make your website more popular online.

After all, the internet is a popularity contest. The websites that make the most connections with other websites of value will essentially win the contest and place high in search engine results pages. Don’t get left behind. Don’t let your competitors beat you at the SEO game. Hire SEO Norway and put the Norwegian Link Wheel to work for you today. Looking for Link Wheel services in more languages to enhance your multilingual SEO campaign? Just ask. We offer SEO Norway Link Wheel services in Swedish, Danish and Finnish languages as well. When you purchase SEO Link Wheel Norway, SEO Sweden, Denmark or Finland services, you will receive the following:

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• A dedicated Link Wheel SEO Norway specialist to work with you and create a campaign to get you the results you want

• Well researched, well written, unique and authoritative content that is relevant to your industry using keywords and key phrases that are part of your overall campaign strategy

• High quality, manually created links from authoritative Web 2.0 properties to your main website

• Contextual backlinks using keywords and keyword phrases that have been researched to specifically enhance your campaign

• No junk links! Our SEO Norway Link Wheel service creates relevant links to appropriate pages. We will never compromise your campaign by linking your important key phrases to an irrelevant webpage on your main website.

• The culmination of years of dedication, hard work, testing, retesting and tweaking that resulted in Link Wheel strategies that provide results.” Maria Johnsen says is founded in 2009 and has been providing search engine optimization (SEO), PPC ad management, video marketing and article writing for companies in Europe and North America. offers article writing, content marketing, content strategy, social media marketing in Nordic language for companies in Nordic countries.

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